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Monday, May 2, 2011

Breeze blue

“My dad gifts me a brand new car. Its color is breeze blue neither too dark nor too light rather pleasing blue. It is the most soothing blue I have ever seen in my life.” Mr. ‘H’ described while we were going towards the parking area. “My car is just behind this big black vehicle.”

Before I could have a glimpse of that sexy breeze blue, the lights went out. In the complete darkness my loud laugh could be heard.

Mr. ‘H’ took a few steps towards car while pressing the buttons of his mobile. He bought it near the car door and asked “How is the color?”

What should I say that in dim light I can’t see the color or in dim light breeze blue is hell lovable?


  1. Just tell the truth!! Is the colour template of this blog breeze blue?

  2. I think Mr. H is that in love with his new toy that it does not matter whether you say anything ...