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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You are our celebrity!

“The advertisement of the product should have a celebrity so that it can gain more attention from common persons. The present advertisement of the product only have simple girl in blue dress.” A dealer complained to the general manager of the company.
“If you remember the advertisement then the purpose is solved.” The general manager replied.
“I have to sell the product so I remember it day and night, not forgetting it for a second. The need of celebrity was for common persons who are our buyers.”
“Our company do not believe in the concept of celebrities. Moreover our company firmly believe that you are our celebrity as you give business to our company by selling the product.”

Do you think general manager is too polite to consider a dealer as a celebrity or too smart to divert the flow of thoughts?


  1. Too smart to divert the flow of thoughts :)

  2. hmmmmmmmmm I think...too smart!

  3. Too smart and a sharp marketing

  4. I can't help, but I can not believe one single word of mister general manager.

  5. congratulations.....celebrations...

  6. Chandrika,

    Finally got over laziness and read all pending post. Left comments on most. GM is trying to cover up weakness of his firm.

    Take care