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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. Vs. Ms.

Mr. : Let's go back to Stone Age. Life, free of tensions and full of enjoyment. A carefree life!
Ms. : Unsuccessful persons think about going back to Stone Age, successful persons think about twenty-secondth century or beyond.

Do you agree with Mr. or Ms.?


  1. akela hai Mr. Khiladi..
    Miss Khiladi chahiye..!!
    ooo o oo ooooo oooo o oo ooo

  2. Neither. I subscribe to the world will end in 2012 thought ;)

  3. Well I am with both .. both have there own charm..


  4. Even in 22nd century there will be stone age.
    I absolutely disagree with the Ms.

  5. One is living in the past and the other is in future. As they say - 'The past is no more and the future is not yet!'

    The key lies in living in the present!

    Interesting question posed, Thanks Chandrika.


  6. Stone Age:
    Less competition from people, hunt for food, grow your own food, find/build your own shelter.

    Present and future:
    More competition, work else you will go hungry without a shelter over your head.

    Wherever one choose to live, needs remains the same and one has to struggle to work ;)

  7. Chandrika,

    Keep your foot firmly on mother earth and be practical. Live in present with all your efforts. No going to past and let future take care of itself.

    Take care