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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bunch of keys

“Oh Sh*t! SH*T!!” Mr. ‘H’ uttered on seeing his breeze blue car keys falling in the space between the lift and the floor. He lost his grip on the keys. He made an effort to grab them again but failed.
“Don’t worry you must be having a duplicate key.” I soothed him.
“Chandrika, The key ring not only have my car keys but also my office main door key, cupboard keys, safe key and my bank locker key.” He whispered in my ears.
“And on the key ring it is written ‘I have never lost my keys.’” He said this in his normal pitch.

Does Mr. ‘H’ lose his key ring ‘I have never lost my keys’ forever or no?


  1. looks like time to go and get the blacksmith :)


  2. Once doesn't count.


  3. hum tum ....ek kamre bmein band ho..
    aur chaabi kho jaye

  4. Chandrika,

    Silly to keep all keys like that.

    Take care