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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I failed!

“These days you do not laugh as earlier you used to. The dark circles have appeared under your eyes and the cheerful glow on your face in no more.” A good friend of mine asked. “What happened, dear?”

“Nothing, just over burden of work and too much blogging” My mouth said.
“I failed! I failed!! I FAILED!!! And this is my life’s biggest failure.” My heart said.

What do you think will I be able to convert my life’s biggest failure into my life’s biggest success?


  1. I can't say anything as i m facing the same problem.. :(

  2. I believe you will make it a success, sometimes it can be overwhelming, balance my friend. I wish you well.

  3. "Change is the only thing that is permanent"

  4. reminds me of the famous saying .. those who say have never failed , have actually never tried

  5. Hey, Hi...

    failure is a success in itself if you learn from it...once in a while, when you fail, try not to be dis appointed, for it teaches us to be humble when we succeed, to reminds us not to stop learning...

    failure can be a great teacher if we are willing to learn...

    The Silhouette...

  6. "Failures are the pillars of Success":)
    take it easy!!

  7. Failure is starting point for success.

  8. I have no idea whether you will succeed. Is life a competition?

  9. If u haven't ever failed, how will u know the sweetness of success

  10. well.. lets be positive and hope you would succeed.. and believe that you CAN turn failures to success with a little more effort!

  11. Chandrika,

    What failure? As one grows some changes do take place depending upon changing situations too.

    Take care

  12. @ everyone : Thanks for ur wonderful comments. :)