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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Measuring LOVE!

Chandrika Shubham is measuring LOVE!
This was my status update on one of the social networking site.

Ms. ‘F’ commented :
How long is piece of string, my dear friend?

Actually I was measuring it in Litres. :D

Can love be measured or no?


  1. Of course not! Our feelings of love for any person cannot be possibly measured is what I think.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! (^_^)

  2. he hehehe really :) I have stopped measuring cause i feel in todays life pure love doesnot exist.. there is some agenda behind always

  3. I would go with "it can't be measured, but it can be compared" But then again, all measurements are nothing but comparisons to the Standardized units, really :P

  4. Quantity wud reduce d better not.

  5. Quantity wud reduce d better not.

  6. Quantity wud reduce d better not.

  7. Quantity wud reduce d better not.

  8. Hey, Hi
    well, i would say, love can be measured. it can be measured by people who have seen love, by people who can feel love, most importantly, by people who believe in love...

    the Silhouette...

  9. Love can be measured, by the amount of tears and smiles. :) Keep Smiling. :D

  10. I don't think love can be measured. It is best to be loved to one's imagination.

  11. Chandrika,

    There are a number of persons who are still trying to solve this mystery.

    Take care

  12. Relatively. But I think it's mostla problem for us humans to express and describe what we feel. It is a difference between the love a mothr feels for her child and the love an old pair feels towards each other. Both can be seen as a kind of symbiose, both can be described as unconditional - and both is not comparabel, both is called love. It's by the way one of the most important philosophical questions because it touches the basical relations between man, between man and god, and the whole universe. Basically I think there is nothing as "love" and so it's futile to try to measure this.

  13. @ everyone : Thanks for ur valuable views on measuring love. :)