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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Take a deep breath

In the morning if you are struck in a traffic jam then I can suggest you to take a deep breath and relax! This is the only thing I can suggest.
An fm radio station RJ announced this.

Do you think if you are caught in a traffic jam then you can do only one thing that is take a deep breath or can also do something else to pass the time?


  1. Also we can press the horn button.....everybody will listen to u.

  2. I am back.. you reminded me of something I wrote years ago..Chandrika..

    In a trafic Jam
    If you keep your calm
    In spite of getting late
    For your first ever date
    One thing is true
    something's wrong with you..

    Depends what you had to attend to when you get caught..mood will decide.. deep breathe helps..but then..

    Do have a look at my post..your comments are as sharp as your postings..

  3. I am thankful that I can avoid such situations.

  4. make a list of the things to be done or read:)

  5. I got the whole of winters to look forward to this .. people seem to forget how to drive in a bit of ice or snow .. long tail backss..

    I put the music loud and shout my voice hoarse.. people think the indian has gone mad in the car :)

  6. That is exactly what I do and find it to be most effective.

  7. Trying the breathing and relaxing really helps. The tensed mind could see a little cool-off. So, its not really a thing to pass time.

    Moreover with a relaxed mind, we can do things to pass the time :)

  8. Nothing works for some people like me.

  9. @ everyone : Thanks for commenting. :)