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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Never seen such a Zebra zoo before!

“Zebra zoo!” The kid sitting beside me pointed towards a woman who was driving a scooter. The scooter was moving with almost same pace of our car because of traffic on the road. That woman was wearing a dark pink colored shirt on which numerous zebras facing all the directions were embroidered. She was wearing it with a white dupatta and salwar.

On returning home on that very day, we coincidentally met that woman again. And this time kid exclaimed, “Never seen such a zebra zoo before!”

Have you ever seen such a zoo or airport? ;)


  1. Lol.. in adulthood, what we totally miss is this spontanity of kids. x

  2. he he he ehe :)
    kids hain....

    No i have not seen zebra zoo, but her in uk you get to see other animals from the zoo especially tigers and leapords :)


  3. No. A nice picture.

  4. Chandrika,

    Some persons do have fantastic sense of dress.

    Take care

  5. @ everyone : Thanks for enjoying this post! :)