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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My comments on other blogs

If you're going to comment on blogger blog posts, you might try reading the post first, moron. You're obviously on a mission to get readers. There's a name for people like you.

An Anonymous wrote on my previous post.

Do you think that I comment on your blog without reading it or I comment related to the post content?


  1. wowo i am sure you have read all mine .. by the way who is this who calls you a moron maybe you shud put the blogsite too :)

    ah well ignore ..

  2. Your comments never made me feel so..
    Ignore such comments.

  3. Your comments on my site show that you read the entries you comment on, even if they are a bit longer as usual, and you ask questions about some things. I do not believe that you changed this praxis.
    Obviously anonymous is an unfriendly person who likes to insult other bloggers. For people like this a name exists too.

  4. I have just started my blogging and the comments I get on my blogs show that they have read my post before they comment.

    I really like your writing because I could relate myself with it.

  5. Is there a prize somewhere for getting more readers? I thought blogging is for fun! Isn't there enough competition at the work place? :) You commented only once and I think you read it well. And that was one of my longer posts! :)

  6. I think you comment on mine after reading them (those that you comment on), but I can't tell if you READ the ones that you don't comment on (that's what I am concerned about) there a way to find that out?
    but then I have to be satisfied with whatever little comments I get every now and then as you are one busy blogger! :)

  7. Unfortunately there is spam all over. We get it on email and we get it on blogs. My email one time sent over 2,000 emails without my knowledge. I'm sure the person who got a spam comment was not aware of that. No harm done.

  8. lol, i find it funny. And I sympathize with the poor anonymous blogger. Had he/she the guts to reveal his/her identity, it would be funnier :P

  9. I hope anyone who comments on my blog is reading the post before commenting. I think all of us know when someone comments too generally or without reading :). Ignore, I guess.

  10. Go easy !

    An insult is a bad coin. It is our choice to not accept it !!

    Thats what i would tell myself !!


  11. @ everyone : Thanks for listening to me. :) Anonymous is she, she apologises.
    Lets move on to next post. :)

  12. i too get such fake comments sometimes.
    but i ignore it... aur age chale jate hai..

  13. To me blogging is like poetry.
    Those who like it, will read it.
    Others dont matter.

  14. It works both ways. You read and post a comment because the post appeals to you. In turn you may have won a visitor to a blog, but it is not necessary that the visitor will leave a comment. He/she would only if the topic interests them. And if you are looking for visitors, what's the harm? Any one who publishes ( a post, a book, an article or whatever) appreciates good feedback.

  15. So far, you have been doing good. :)