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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A better place to blog

“Why don’t you shift to wordpress, Chandrika?” A good friend of mine asked.
“Hmm….Most of my blogger friends are leaving blogspot and joining wordpress.” I said.

Which is the better place to blog; wordpress or blogspot?


  1. I like Blogger, its free. In wordpress, if you opt (not, it will be better, but u have to pay for itm, and u shud have some more technical knowledge

  2. Noooooooooo I have not said to anyone to change :) @Stranger

    Both are good ..

  3. Hmmm..Good Question. I have both. Both have pros and cons,so still confused as to which one to keep and which one to let go. I will be coming back here to check on the comments regarding this. :D

  4. Blogger works out well for me so far but I cannot stop drooling at WP's themes and easy navigation. Blogger is something like first love for me. So it is special eventhough in my life, I don't much value my first love :)

    Joy always,

  5. I went away from blogger because they fiddled with their code and their ant-spam-robots and thus barred two blogging friends from posting and their comments vanished from my blog.
    It took some action to get that fixed again.
    With wordpress you have to take more care for details and should understand a bit more about html-code. I understand that blogger made some chances recently, but I will not go back, especially since one is forced to unite all accounts in one - after all it is all google and I do not like the idea of one super-company. That's a bit too much controll and power culminated in one hand.
    It's not better but a bit different.

  6. I think wordpress is quite better and easy than blogger. I also use wordpress but blogger too :)

  7. hmm quite interesting....i am comfortablewith blogger.

  8. I am equally fascinated to move to wordpress..but there are a lot of things one need to learn in wordpress. In that way, blogger is user friendly!

  9. Blogger for me. I have had wp. If you like more fiddling, more steps, wp is for you. Also, they have limits, blogger does not. Me? I like the ease of blogger including linking up to other's blogs, photos being stored in picasa to show and use elsewhere and it is very versatile in layout if you just putter around looking how to do so.

  10. Chandrika,

    I shifted from o3.indiatimes as it gave innumerable problems. It is best to be where you are comfortable and have friends. I am happy here.

    Take care