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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Continous honking

Honk! Honk!! Honk!!!
A young guy in the car honked on a congested road of Gurgaon as the middle aged person in the front car was not providing sufficient space for his car to move ahead. The middle aged man was busy in talking on mobile. The young guy disturbed that middle aged man to the utmost extent by honking non stop.

Do you think it is irrational to disturb a person as there can be some important call on the mobile or it is the best way to realise that person his mistake by continuously honking?


  1. I don't know..but i really hate the sound of honks! I never honk, and am never used to doing this.
    Although there is a genuine cause for this guy to honk, it will be irritating and annoying noise for the other passengers!!

  2. Pull over if it's an important call! There shouldn't be a need to honk non-stop either if the guy pulled over. Unless, there is no way to pull over or give space,in which case, the impatient dude needs to chill.

  3. I think it's nonsense. If the road is congested, how much will he come further - a car's length?
    I hate noise.

  4. Noise pollution should be stopped...

  5. rubbbish...the aged person was blocking the road

  6. In many places talking over phone while driving is illegal..

  7. Keep Honking! Young or old... "Roads mai baap ka nahi hai!!!!"

    Here, we can report people who have mobile's stuck to their ears while driving. Nothing for earphones and bluetooths though. But, the noise pollution. Hmm....I wonder...

  8. ITs a crime talking on PHONE while driving .. 80pound fine with 3 points on license I would give that old person...


  9. I think If there is such an important call then one should park his car to the side

  10. Chandrika,

    I do not like to use horn much but when I find person in front talking on phone without any regard for traffic I do blow horn to draw his or her attention to either move aside to continue talking or stop it and move on.

    Take care