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Friday, February 4, 2011

Close your eyes

Location : Vagator Beach, Goa

“I forget the towel in the hotel. Now how will I change my clothes in front of so many people? I am not like these foreigners who change their clothes on beach without a towel. We have to go back to hotel to fetch my towel.” A kid narrated this problem to me.
“There is one more option.” I said.
“Whats that?” He enquired excitedly.
“We can ask everyone on the beach to close their eyes while you change your clothes.”

Will the child be irritated or amused with this dialogue of mine?


  1. hahaha....actually that kid have common sense

  2. If the kids is a toddler he will listen to u or else he will be amused with ur dialogue....

  3. ..LOL... if i were the child i'll be amused with you... i just couldn't imagine how you would ask those people to close their eyes...^^

  4. Nope these days kids are very conscious i am sure he/she will be not very happy listening to this idea..


  5. "If you close your eyes nobody will see you."

  6. It depends on how old the kid

  7. I think the kid will enjoy this answer, and would have kept another ironical answer to give back to you!! no wonder, these days kids! They are way too smart!!

  8. Neither. He may just think some one is being foolish asking this question

  9. @ Everyone : Glad you all enjoyed this post! :)