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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goan Food

In lunch, I ordered Goan food veg balchao, pea rice and curd. Before serving the meal, the waiter of Goan resturant placed the bill on the table.

Do you think the waiter was sleeping even at lunch time or one has to pay the bill before Goan food is served?


  1. No idea..Probably, the bill has to be paid before the food is served..

  2. We pay and collect the token for meal in some hotels here, maybe this is another way of taking money before serving food, over there!

  3. This restaurant you went to- doesn't know how to treat their customers.
    They need a sound piece of your mind! :P

  4. Shayad he wants to indicate that Pahele Bill dedo baad me khana... ;)
    Madhav's Magic Blog

  5. I find this insulting.

  6. Its like self service small hotels where breakfast is served.We have to pay and take the token to the counter to get our breakfast...