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Saturday, July 4, 2015

A meeting with Yashodhara Lal

I got the chance to meet the renowned author and blogger Yashodhara Lal to meet her at HarperCollins event organised by Indibloggers. It was great talking to her about her new release 'There is something about you', her impressive style of writing and the way she manages her job, motherhood responsibilities and being an author. I was amazed how she found time for all!

Earlier, Manasi Subramaniam from HarperCollins shared valuable information about to get published, points to be kept in mind while submitting a manuscript and the steps through which a book passes till publishing. I found the information how to publish a ebook very useful. Karthika Vk, Chief  Editor, Harpercollins interacted with the bloggers.

In the event, including me seven bloggers were present. It was fun to meet a poet, a doctor, a lifestyle blogger, a person who runs two blogs one personal and other on literature and two tech bloggers. Meeting new bloggers, knowing about their blogs, interacting them is always fun. I thank Indibloggers for organizing such events and giving me a platform to meet so many bloggers from various fields and a very famous blogger n author Yashodhara Lal.