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Monday, July 6, 2015

Stole – A fashion statement

I loved the article ‘Mix up your fashion – Master the stole!’ on Rewardme. It tells how stole can be used in different styles. A stole can give a new look to the wearer even on a plain shirt, top or evening gown. It can make simple and less attractive dresses more striking. Wearing a stole in different styles can give a person, totally new look without spending money on buying new clothes. It makes the wearer’s personality very appealing and attractive. A stole can make the wearer fashionable by just the way it is tied around the neck.

While selecting a stole the color and print should be carefully selected as they should be appealing as well as trendy. Bright colors and patterned stoles give good results. One can even try wearing those colors and patterns that one doesn’t like. A stole should be made of light material like silk n chiffon. One can also wear a stole made up of fur for warmth and classic look.

This article also explains about how to tie a stole. In basic wrap, it is tied around the neck with uneven lose ends. Hold the stole unevenly around the neck and wrap the longer end around the neck keeping it enough lose around the neck. For this style the stole should preferably be in rectangular shape.

It also highlights another technique to wrap a stole around the neck which is known as arranged wrap. For this style the stole should be square. Fold it diagonally to make it a triangle. Place the folded side on the shoulders. Hold both the ends at the front and tie them together. Turn the stole so that the knot goes at the back. For a cowboy look the stole can be wore with knot on one of the shoulders.

This article is written in a very simple language so that even a layman can understand it. It explains the step by step techniques how to tie a stole around the neck. It clarifies all the points in detail how to create various fashion styles. It tells that stoles can become an integral part of one’s dress without spending too much money on buying new clothes. The picture of stole in the beginning of the article is very beautiful and very attractive. I must confess that this article steals my heart. It is the best article I have ever read on stoles.

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