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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Surf fast, super fast!

I am mad about watching cricket. I sit for hours and hours in front of T.V. to enjoy cricket match from beginning to end. Like everyone else, I am also eager to know what will happen on the next ball. While watching cricket, I am so absorbed in the match that I forget about the world around me. Surprisingly I even forget to eat and drink.

Last Sunday, I went to see my doctor as my stomach was upset, my legs and arms were paining and I was feeling very lethargic. My doctor advised me to eat light food which is easily digestible, to do regular yoga exercises and to walk twice a day. He warned me not to miss a single day otherwise my poor health will deteriorate further and then the chances to recover will fade away. He also prescribed some medicines for betterment of my health which I had to take thrice a day.

“Although I like to walk and exercise in the park but when the cricket match is telecasting I don’t want to do anything else, not even exercises which are must for my good health.” I told my friend.
“You can watch the match on your mobile.” My friend said.
“The internet connection on my mobile is very slow. I lose interest in match as it downloads very slowly.”
He suggested me, “Download UC browser as it is fast, faster and fastest. Moreover your time will not be wasted till the circle moves round and round while downloading cricket match. You will not feel bored rather will enjoy the each and every ball of cricket match, especially the sixers hit outside the boundary wall by your favourite cricketer, Yuvraj Singh!”
I followed his advice and downloaded UC browser and UC Cricket. Now I can watch match very clearly and smoothly. The picture is very clear. I love to hear the commentary with each and every ball played. The voice is so clear and blends well with every action.  

My friend further guided me, “Not only you can watch cricket matches on UC cricket but you can also download your favourite Bollywood songs. You can watch ‘Tumse jo dekhte he pyar hoya’ while doing kapal bhati, a breathing exercise.”
“Yes, I love UC browser. It makes my life interesting. I am enjoying every moment with it.”
“You can also surf the internet with a very fast speed. Surf it all, Surf it Fast!”

“Doing exercises and walking becomes more interesting if entertainment goes side by side. I will not miss my exercises as per my doctor’s advice as well as I will not miss my cricket matches as per my heart’s voice.” There was a tinge of naughtiness in my voice. 

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