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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Book Review : Those Small Lil Things In Life and Love by Rahul Saini

Those Small Lil Things In Life and Love’ by Rahul Saini is very interesting, simple and humorous. For light reading, for time pass this novel is a good read or rather should not be missed. It tells about the friendships, relationships and family life of a guy named ‘Raj’. The most interesting point I liked in this book is Rahul gifted soap to his girlfriend, in his school days. The Bollywood songs and scenes give an exciting filmy angles to the incidences happening in Raj’s life. There are no erotic romantic scenes to attract masses but sweet,light romance. 

In this book the story moves alternately in past and present. The font sizes are unlike to differentiate between the present and past. I must say that I like the past more than the present especially the school days memories of Rahul which are very interesting and full of surprises. One can easily relate to the main character and his naughtiness. 

There are some typing mistakes which can be ignored as the language used is casual and not literary. 

Rahul Saini is the author of ‘Just for You’, ‘Paperback Dreams’, ‘The Orange Hangover’ and ‘Just Like in the Movies’. ‘ThoseSmall Lil Things in Life and Love’ is his first book. He resides in Gurgaon. He is architect by profession. He loves to write stories and paint. The collection of photographs on his blog is very beautiful.  

This novel is like a soothing breeze!

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