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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Filling a cheque

“So, should we start the business meeting?” I asked two gentlemen sitting in front of me.
“We can do the meeting in the bank!” One of them suggested.
“Why in a bank?”
 “Actually I have to present the cheque of Rs. 37 lacs.” He replied. “You come along with us and we can do the meeting in the bank.”
“You can present the cheque after this meeting; it is only 9:45 a.m. yet.”
“Ya, but it is very urgent. If it is not presented early, it will not be cleared.”
“Fine. Then present your cheque first, I am waiting for you here. When you come back then we will talk about business.”
Both of them went away, I took out my novel and started reading.

Two hours later, they came back.
“Just because of YOU, my work was not completed.” The person who had to present the cheque complained.
“What did I do? I was sitting here reading my novel. I said. “How can I disturb you?”
He realized that he picked up wrong words and said politely, “As you were waiting here, in hurry to return back while filling the cheque I wrote 37 thousands instead of 37 lacs. My cheque got wasted.”

“If you were so concerned about me and thinking about me while filling a cheque then why you filled only 37 thousands, you should have filled 37 crores.” I thought. ;)

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