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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Best out of waste

The article ‘Make or break’ on Rewardme inspires me to write this article. There are some of the articles which can be created by using unused and incomplete sets of crockery.

Take a plate, mark its center correctly, made a hole in the center with a driller. Insert the clock machine in the hole. From the top of the clock place the hour hand down first, then minute hand and in the last second hand. Bolt it to hold the hands and motor in position. Don’t forget to add battery to make it tick.

Glue a cup on the plate with epoxy glue. Try out multiple color combinations to get excellent results. Melt the paraffin wax in a pan. But always remember to melt it slowly so never put it directly on fire but put the pan containing wax in boiling water. Add the desired color and scent to it. Place the wick in the center of the cup and hold it in the position with a help of two sticks placed on the rim of cup. Slowly pour the wax without disturbing the wick. Allow it to cool. Remove the sticks and trim the wick to half an inch above the candle.

Flower pot and wall handing
Take one cup. Cut it in the half. Glue the two half pieces on a rice plate from the flat side. Glue a hanging loop on it at its back side. Use them to plant small plants or to decorate flowers or to hold spoons and forks. 

Bird feeder
Glue a cup on a plate. Make three holes equidistant from each other just below the rim of the cup. Draw beautiful strings through those holes and gather them together on the top and tie a knot in iron ring. Hang the iron ring. Put the grains in the cup and enjoy watching birds while feeding.

Pin holder
Take three small sized cups. Glue them on a plate in a line or circle. Put the stuffing inside a small cloth just double the size of the rim of cup. Sew it from all sides and draw the string to make it a small ball. Glue the ball carefully in the cup so that it puffed out of the cup rim. Hold the pins and needles in it. Now they won’t hurt anybody more in the house.

Pen and pencil holder
Glue cups, cupcakes, small bowls and plates etc. to create different stands of various sizes and designs which can be used to hold pens and pencils.

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