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Friday, December 31, 2010

Depression Vs Creativity

I am writing daily posts from past two months.

Do you think that it is a way to escape depression, tensions and frustrations of life or it is creative flow of emotions?

BYE 2010


  1. I think a creative flow of emotions, for some of us isolated in our surroundings due to illness or whatever it is a way to stay in touch with the world. it gets my creative juices flowing and so love learning about other places and people and finding out that none of us are really very different. all the best in the New Year. take care.

  2. It depends on situations. In my case sometime it's like escaping from depression and sometime it's giving the way to my thoughts.

    But in both cases blogging is cool!!! :)

  3. It is and it must be a flow of emotions

  4. ..we all are in the same boat sweetie..
    Happy New Year..2011

  5. happy new year..a flow of emotions..:) :)

  6. ..hmmn.. i think it's a way to escape depression and frustrations in a creative flow or manner... i wish all the best luck for you and yours in this year of the rabbit... Happy New Year!!!;)


  7. @ Everyone : Happy New Year to all of you. :)