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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


“I have a good collection of books.”
“Will you lend me a book?” I asked.
“I am very possessive about my books. Fool buys books and wise reads them and I don’t want to be a fool!” A swamiji (saint) said.
“Knowledge is the only treasure which increases on sharing but not by saving.” I thought.

Do you think this person deserves to be called a swamiji as he has a strong desire for accumulating and not sharing or a swamiji can also be possessive about his belongings?


  1. I'm not that swamiji.. But I've faced very bitter experience on that..... So I’m cent percent agree with swamiji..

  2. There is nothing anything in being possessive about your books. Even I am. I don't like to lend my books because I do not like it when people handle them roughly. But I do not agree with the Swamiji's concept of not sharing knowledge. That is nonsensical.

  3. Lending is something which i don't do coz i can't stand it when people don't realize the value of the things i lend...

  4. With my experience, I support Swamiji. I love books to read and to keep. I dont like some other take my books.

  5. The person's relation to possessions is not important whether he is or can be considered a saint: The person's relation to the divine is decisive in this respect.

    I personaly believe that a human being who encountered the numen can not be avaricious.
    "Saint" does not mean "good".

  6. @ Everyone : Thanks for sharing your views. :)