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Monday, December 27, 2010

I know you!

As soon as I was about to cross the road in Gurgaon than a white colour car stopped in front of me. An elderly man was on driver seat and the rest of the car was empty. He gestured me to come. I thought that he might want to seek some information regarding way. He put down the glass of the opposite seat and asked, “Kya aap Allahabad se hain? (Are you from Allahabad?)”
“I have never been to ALLAHABAD and knew only about its geographical situation on the map of India.” I thought, so I replied “NO!”.
“I know you!” He elatedly said.

How can he recognise me as I havn’t uploaded my photograph on my blog or is this his favourite line which he says to everyone (she) with whom he wants to be acquainted?


  1. ya.. ok.. any line is good line to get acquainted.;)

  2. :) All depends on what he said next!

  3. He had already met your doppelganger.

  4. since he was elderly.I am stumped!

  5. Did the conversation end there?If so, it is very illogical.

  6. @ Everyone : Thanks! :) Special thanks to 63mago. :)