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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Human touch

“Do you think its only your work which is to be done?” A bureaucrat shouted on me when I requested for doing my work. “Sit sown and wait till your turn come.”
I wasted my three precious minutes in getting the glimpses of the room. She sneezed. I broke the silence. “Oho! You are having cold.”
“Yes. I am not feeling well today.”
“Tomorrow is a holiday. At least then you can take rest.”
“Come with me. I will do your work first.” She said.

Was I buttering or giving a human touch to the whole scenario?


  1. Good one...

    I think the latter one...a human touch to the whole scenario..!

  2. Every person gets soft towards the person who shows a bit of concern!

  3. "Buttering" is a nice word. I learn it with interest.
    Obviously you ingratiated, and it worked.

    Are you proud on this?

  4. a human touch and it worked in your favor..