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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Removed me from his blog roll!

Nov, 2009
And yes I have added your blog to my blog roll (the blogs I follow, depicted on the right side of my blog) without your prior permission, hope you wouldn't mind it.
This was the reply to my mail by a senior blogger whose blog I love to read. At that time I was a begginer and doesn’t know much about blogging, wrote to him to seek help.

Dec, 2010
A few days back he visited my blog read 56 pages. After some time, visited again and read 46 pages. He visited the sitemeter of my blog. And then deleted me from his blog roll.

I wote an email to him.
Thanks for keeping my blog in ur reading list for nearabout one year. :) I will be glad to hear any suggestions from ur side.
He didn’t reply.

Should I write one more mail to him as he was the first person to motivate me when I started writing and at that time it was needed the most or should not worry about that at all as nobody visited my blog via his blog except his visits?


  1. We all are free to make choices.. he made his.. you make yours.. like I made mine to be here and comment..and to wait for your visit.. well..

  2. I don't think I would right again, don't take it as a personal afront. I had this happen I found a weight loss blog that really inspired me, I followed him and then he followed me for two days and then stopped...whats a gal to do. you have people that will come and go and others will stick with you. take care. c thanks for commenting on my blog, it was nice to have you visit.

  3. Write for yourself. you are your own favorite. Admire that dear :)

  4. dont know what to write been there a few times now.
    its upto you, if it matters to you that this person shudread what u write then g oahead email but i dont think it will make a difference

    You like his writings so you can still go and read ..

    People are very Funny they break any sort of relation in one second .. so i wud not worry about it that much ... chilllax people come and go THERE LOSS....

  5. I agree with Bikram. You can continue to read if you like, but you really can't do much if somehow has removed your blog from their blog roll. Take it in your stride, it will happen.

  6. oh that's so rude! how could he? tell me his blog address, i will visit and write on his latest post a piece of my mind!

  7. Oh and I visited your sitemeter too...very impressive, you are a great blogger!!!

  8. You should not.

    And continue your blog if you enjoy it. Don't bother about the visitors.

  9. I would not give a second thought about this, any blogger can do on his blog what he wants, keep links, or delete them. If you are interested to know why he deleted you from the blogroll, simply ask.
    BTW I once had a blogroll, but some nasty person started to work his way down the list, so I removed it.

  10. You can try one more time! After he inspired you once to write :)
    But if you don't get any response this time, just leave! May be he was envious at your growth as a writer ;)

  11. ohh never mind. maybe his role was only to inspire you..!

  12. Well I just visited your blog now.. And you already have a lot of replies.. So I think you got the answer.. As far as sitemeter is concerned, I dunno how many pages i ready but I sure read a lot of them and have been around for over 20 minutes.. Keep up the good work..

  13. @ Everyone : Thanks for your wonderful suggestions. I wrote to that person once more to wish him 'Happy New Year', he didn't reply.