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Friday, December 17, 2010

My aimless life

My life is aimless. I do not have any definite target to achieve. I am moving where life is taking me. I am like a traveller who doesn’t know towards which destination I am heading. My life is not directed to achieve particular goal.

I have selected a target of moving to Naxalite area. There, I wish to teach poor children and serve underprivileged.

Do you think it is a good target to determine at a young age or should put it down for some time till I am older?


  1. Wait for some more time! If you have got a family then you should have second thoughts, Chandrika.

  2. Do something that really makes you happy.. If you think this is satisfying, then go for it.. There is no time too early or too late. But before you step into something, be sure that thats really something you wanna do with your heart and soul and not something that you find interesting at the time being..

  3. Your first two paras contradict each other.

    Whatever you do, take a studied decision.

  4. I think good thoughts nevr have a fixed is not measured like should do whatever and whenevr one feels like doing.

  5. there's absolutely no sexism in it: i beliece being a girl, you should wait a bit.

  6. a target is always a target...!! just remember this..

  7. You could help the underprivileged without moving to a Naxal area. Try that first.