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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fall in love

“Please see my birth-chart and suggest me what should I do after retiring.” A good friend of mine asked.

Although we had good terms from past 6-7 years even then I didn’t know much about her personal life. I only know that she was unmarried. I never inquired nor tried to know the reason behind that. On seeing her birth-chart I found that she would fall in love and might get married after retirement.

Should I tell her that such a good period is ahead in her life or should I keep it a secret as my predictions can be wrong?


  1. Please...keep it as a surprise....

  2. Keep quiet and allow the nature to take it's course.

  3. Let her unravel life's goodies for her. BTW, do you read birth-charts?

    Joy always,

  4. Haha...tell her..
    N most important,post the feedback:)

  5. well, I would say. just go ahead n tell her. .its never too late. . love is ageless and has no boundaries..

    so ask her to keep her eyes and ear open.

    take care

  6. If she is going to get married after her retirement, then, she will be in her 50s. {thats what I understood :)}

    Then, let her figure her out. Even Astrologers cant predict about their own life. ;)

  7. If it doesn't happen and she is eager to settle down, she might get disappointed. Just wait and see and if it happens, please do a post on it and we will stand in line to get our predictions!

  8. Do not interfere with the course of destiny. Let it go on

  9. Please keep the secret! :D At least she will have hope to live on till then. ;)

  10. shouldn't..i dont believe in birth chart horoscopes..and after retirement? what the heck is that supposed to be..?

  11. I feel you should not tell. My reasoning is different though.

    You do not know why she did not marry. Probably was by choice or chance. But after living single for a long time, people may look at being married as a burden or extra baggage post retirement. Plus predictions may be wrong, however small the chance.

  12. @ Everyone : Thanks for expressing your views. Yes, I read birth charts. For predictions one can email me.