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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Honk! Honk!!

Red light
A gal repeatedly honked the car. In front of her car were two guys on bike. They were irritated because of her misbehaviour. Hot words were shared between the bike and car drivers.

Green light
The guy on bike kicked it again and again to start but it didn’t start. The gal honked more.

Do you think that guys did ‘tit for tat’ or it was coincidence that bike didn’t start because of some difficulty in its ignition system?


  1. na boys dont do that .. its the rich daddy's girl who was wrong ..


  2. Teehee ... I am sure he would have liked to dart away at yellow and not suffer from wounded vanity.

  3. well may be...BUT guys with bikes shouldn't be in-front of a car..its always "right of way" for big a civic sense!
    its India I believe..I wud have got down from my cAR..and really given them my peace of mind!

  4. Both are a possibility. Really hard to comment but honking is such a pain!

  5. Hmmm... At a red signal people honk like crazy as if they are blind. It is such a nuisance. Mindless individuals whom we call "educated illiterates" fill the streets. Like the new Ceat ad says and I quote, "The roads are filled with idiots." Now, to answer the questions, whether the bike had a genuine problem or not, it was good that it happened. ;-)