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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My latest facebook status :
Most popular dialogue on facebook is 'where is unlike/hate button?'

Mr. ‘N’ commented :
The most popular response is ‘lol’ which today means that I have nothing to say !

lol. Hahaha

Even your lol above meant the same thing I guess

Now what is your response lol or :D?


  1. Sometimes, LOL seems like the most appropriate thing to say. At other times, it is the most convenient thing to say. And yeah, it is the most perfect thing to say, when you have nothing else to say....LOL!!

  2. ''lol''
    i really dont like this shows that we dont even have time to convey a true little genuine smile.
    well you are right when one cant speak it starts writing for catharsis.

  3. THIS is my response:

    2nd definition.