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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Being vegetarian - A fashion statement

"I am vegetarian." A European guy told the group which were dinning together in a restaurant.
"You are vegetarian." I said with a surprise.
"I am also vegetarian." A European woman said.
" do you manage it?" I asked. "These days it is even difficult in India to be vegetarian."
"These days people are opting to even vegan diet in Europe." The woman explained.
"There are lots of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Europe." The guy explained.
She told the group, "Its a fashion statement in Europe to be vegetarian."
I said, "Its a fashion statement in India to be non-vegetarian."
She said, "More and more people are opting for vegetarian diet in Europe so more number of eat-out options. I love cooking and mostly cook food at home."
The guy said, "I love to eat-out in resturants, sometimes I cook at home and near my work place there is Hare Krishna Temple, quite often I go there and have prasadam - totally satvik food."

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