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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Height of interfering

"What Mr. 'K' was saying to you in dinning hall?" Ms. 'D' asked me as I entered my room.
The sudden attack of this question confused me as a few minutes before I was eating sweets alone in dinning hall while watching the swift flow of River Bhagirathi from the window.
I said, "I didn't talk to him during the tea time."
"During the brunch, when you were sitting next to him and he was saying something. Remember? What he was saying when you and that foreigner woman were listening to him?"
I didn't express my anger on intruding questions from her side rather calmly said,"Oh! At that time, he was saying that he was not able to hold the breath as long we were asked to retain. If he tried to retain longer then his hands get tensed therefore, he decided to hold for only that time he was comfortable with."
Ms. 'D' said, "I am also not able to hold the breath for one minute. What else he told you?"
I said, "He was also complaining that on prolonged sitting his back started aching and then he was not able to focus on his breath as well as retention of breath."
Ms. 'D' said, "I also have this problem. My back starts paining badly due to excessive sitting."

Next day when I entered my room my mind was prepared for the question my room mate was going to ask. Her third question was, "What you were talking with Mr.'K' in satsang hall?"
Even on asking such an interfering question, I remained calm and said, "He was telling that he bought some books from Rishikesh and sent them to his home."
Ms. 'D' asked with a bit of surprise, "Did he send all the books to his home?"
"Ya. The books were very cheap there."
"That's true. I will also buy some books from Rishikesh."
"I was very much curious to know which books he bought. Therefore, he was telling in detail that he bought the books written by Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevanada. He also bought the books published by Bihar School of Yoga, Munger."

Nobody has ever dare to ask me such an interfering and intruding question ever in my life - What I was talking with this or that guy?!!!!

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