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Monday, November 21, 2016

In search of a passenger

“Where that blue checked t-shirt guy went?” The shared taxi owner inquired looking at the back seats of taxi.

“He put his bag on the seat and went away, without telling anyone which way he is going.” One of the passengers sitting on the back seats replied.

“Now, the taxi is full, we must leave for Gangotri.” The taxi driver said. “Today was a bad day it took more than three hours for the taxi to get filled with the passengers.”

“He must have told you where he is going.”

“He didn’t tell me. Moreover, we have already waited for him for more than 30 minutes. It is getting late. We must search him in the vegetable market.”

The taxi driver turned the taxi towards the vegetable market, which was in opposite direction to Gangotri. He moved the vehicle very slowly and asked all the passengers to look for the person in blue checked T- shirt. After covering some distance, I who was one of the passengers pointed at a young person wearing blue checked t-shirt. At that moment, that guy was buying some green leafy vegetables in the market.

I said, “There is that fellow whom we were searching.”

“The taxi driver closely looked at him and said, “No, he is must taller and slimmer than him.”

The taxi moved further to the farthest end of the market but there was no trace of blue checked T-shirt passenger. The taxi driver turned the taxi to go towards the taxi stand. When we reached taxi stand, the blue checked T-shirt guy was waiting there. On seeing the taxi full of passengers, he complained to taxi driver, “How did you left me behind? I was waiting for you for the past 15 minutes.”

“We went towards the vegetable market in search of you! Now, get in quickly! We are getting late!!”

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