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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hilarious business meeting

"So, what do you think about this business case?" My boss, Mr. 'L' said to Mr. 'R'. They both were senior citizens.
"As you say." Mr. 'R' replied as if he has lost all interest in business, "After my wife's death, I shifted to Mumbai and was living with a woman who already had a son from her previous marriage. Some years back, I was very depressed. I felt lonely. There was no company. My sons and daughter-in-laws didn't take care of me. They even did not talk to me."
Mr. 'L' wanted to talk about business, "I think we should file a fresh application."
Mr. 'R' wanted to talk about his love story, "I receive her call for the first time when I was in office. She needed my help. To sort out the things we talk on phone for a couple of times. And we like each other and started loving together in a newly bought flat in Mumbai."
Mr. 'L' wished to focus on work, "We should do something about this business deal."
Mr. 'R' wished to focus on his new love story, "I meet her for the first time she was looking..................she was wearing......................she was feeling.................."

Before this meeting, my boss asked me, "Jot down all the important points of this business meeting." I was writing an unusual love story rather than the boring business related points! ;)

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