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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Effect of demonetisation

"Oh! Lift is not working! I have to take stairs to the fourth floor to reach the house of a bank manager, Mr. 'H'." I thought. "What a bad beginning of a day!"
On reaching there, I rang the bell of the house. His wife opened the door.
"Is sir at home?" I asked after greeting her.
"Yes, He is bathing." She replied.
"I just need the document which I gave him for signing."
While standing at the main door she shouted, "Ma'am had come and is asking for paper."
He replied, "I forgot my bag in the office and the document is in the bag."
While she was explaining this to me in detail, she looked inside her house and said, "Come, come! Its fine."
He peeped from on side of the door, wearing towel around his waist and trying to hide his nakedness with his right hand by covering his chest. He said, "It's really messy!"
I thought, "Ya. It is messy because you even forget to dress up properly before coming to the main door of your house."
His wife was smiling trying to control her laugh on the funny situation created suddenly.
I said, "I tried to call you yesterday but your mobile was switched off."
He said, "Sorry, ma'am. Actually I was sleeping as it was holiday. If I have not slept yesterday then today I will not be able to go to office. Sorry! I forget to bring the document amidst the hustle and bustle of demonetisation. From the past five days I was going to office at 8 a.m. and coming back at 9 p.m. It was so hectic. I will bring it today positively. You can collect it tomorrow."
"Fine." I said.
I turned to return, thinking, "What a humorous beginning of the day!"

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