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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sleeping Intensive

During the Sadhana Intensive course, I noticed very unusual behaviour of one of the student of the course. I saw Ms. 'D' sleeping all the time on her yoga mat in Satsang Hall and that too close to altar. Whenever I climbed up or down the stairs from Asana Hall where I used to practice my yoga asana and pranayama, I noticed from the glass panes of Satsang Hall that she was sleeping all the time while the rest of the students in that hall were either practicing pranayama, reading or clicking their photos in different as well as difficult asanas. For a few days, I thought she was not feeling well. The point to ponder is that if she was not feeling well then she should have taken rest or at least she should have shifted away from the altar. But even after a week I saw her sleeping on the mat at the same place. I never saw her doing any asana, pranayama or reading book.

It was really very annoying to see her sleeping so close to the altar. The positive vibes near altar help in better meditation, in better focus and in better breath control. For the first time I was noticing someone who was utilising the positive vibes for sleeping more soundly, a tamasic activity.

It was the course for self improvement and development, we all were improving our Sadhana practice where as she was improving her sleeping practice. On the day of convocation, I was really curious to know whether on her certificate it was mentioned that she had done Sadhana Intensive Course or Sleeping Intensive Course.

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