Saturday, November 12, 2016

Siror Bridge, Netala

There are hundreds of bridge on a river for the persons, animals and vehicles to move from one side of river to another. During the day time, to and fro movement on them can be seen  frequently and during night a bit less frequently.
Though Siror Bridge near Netala is like any ordinary bridge over the river even then I like it very much, may be I love to watch the local people especially women carrying grass bundles or baskets at their back with sticks in their hands or men whistling to ponies to give them instructions and guiding them directions to the destination. Some times school children pass it, some times cars and some times cows but rarely army men cross it with guns for practicing in a nearby area.

During the two courses, whenever I found time I looked at it to admire its giant size so massive so mammoth.

I also appreciated its light swinging movement because of air and its quick swaying because of heavy movements of humans or animals or both over it.
I was amazed that it remained intact even in difficult times joining the two different regions together. It teaches us to bridge family members, office workers and friends together even if they have dissimilar opinions, thoughts and views.

It always inspire me to cross the bridge of my negativities, ignorance and insecurities so that I can embrace positivity and knowledge at the other end.

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