Monday, November 3, 2014

"3/4" Love

Chetan Bhagat:
"5" Point Someone
"3" Mistakes of my Life
"2" States
"1" Night at a Call Centre
"½" Girlfriend
......Next Book:"¼" Brain ????????

Somebody else status I shared on my facebook as I find it interesting.
Mrs. 'P' commented on this status - Arre missed 3/4!!!!
I commented - 3/4 Love will be Chetan Bhagat's next novel. Story in brief - Hero falls in love. Heroine died in bomb blast. She is not present in his life but in memories. He falls in love again. His 1/4 brain is still busy in remembering her so he is only 3/4 in love with his new girl friend. 
Mrs. 'P' - Goli maro chetan bhagat ko. ;)You r better than him.:) When is your novel coming out?
I commented - Coming Soon ..........:)