Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jakhoo Temple

“Look! Look!! Now we can see Lord Hanuman clearly.” A middle aged woman told her son.
“Yes.” Her son replied with his eyes fixed on it.
“It is Jakhoo Temple. There are monkeys every where.”
I overheard this conversation while travelling to Shimla with them in toy train. It was my first time journey by train to this city. Earlier I had visited this city a number of times by car and followed the same route as the path of train and road were side by side but never noticed the idol of Lord Hanuman.

If we travel alone by car our knowledge is somewhat confined for the surroundings whereas if we travel in public transport with lots of people then we come to know about lots of things which otherwise went unnoticed. What do you think?

Pic : It is taken from the toy train showing beautiful view of  Shimla city and Lord Hanuman (orange color idol) at the top right corner of it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Home Science

One of my batch mates was not interested in doing B.Sc.(Home Science) but was left with no other option except it as she couldn’t get admission anywhere else. Surprisingly she couldn’t develop liking for this subject and most of the time it gave me the feeling that she was doing it unhappily. Recently I came to know that she was a School Lecturer in Home Science.
Whereas I was keenly interested in doing B.Sc. (Home Science) and I didn’t apply for any other course because I wanted to do this only. I made a good career in this field but due to some unavoidable reasons I left this field and entered our family business. 

One who is keenly interested in a particular field has to leave it whereas the one who is not interested in a particular field is continuing career in that particular field. Why? 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DM on Twitter

‘OMG u r famous now haha’ received this DM on Twitter that too a spam. :p

I was utterly disappointed after knowing that DM was a spam and not a message from the person who’s Id has been used to send it.

Have you ever been disappointed on receiving a spam or no?

Monday, September 24, 2012


After watching interesting promos of movie BURFI! I wanted to watch the ‘first day first show’ of this movie. Unfortunately I had to attend an unexpected business meeting on that time. For the past ten days I was busy with business attending meetings and more meetings. I was unable to watch it even though a theatre at walk able distance from my house is showing seven shows per day.

Am I lucky that I am so busy in my professional life that I have no time to watch even an Oscar nominated movie from India or am I unlucky that I can’t find time to watch such a good movie?

Sunday, September 23, 2012


While surfing old pics in my computer I found this pic which I clicked some time before in hills. It is a temple under construction.

Do you think by using photoshop I can remove/ erase the electric wire spoiling the beauty in this pic or no?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Conquering mind

“When we try to concentrate our mind to a picture then our mind is thinking about that object. No doubt, with practice we can reduce the size of that object to a point but still then our mind is thinking about that point. If that point remains in our mind that means we can’t make our mind ‘Thoughtless’.” Some years back a person asked me. “What do you think can our mind be thoughtless?”

Friday, September 14, 2012

Admission in University

Today I received this sms

Congratulations!! Your admission has been confirmed in Noida International University. Please check your E-Mail.

Should I ignore it as spam or asked back 'In which course'? ;)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Poster Competition Judge

“After visiting all of our clinics in Gurgaon and Manesar in which all the posters were displayed made by our teams, which one you liked the most?” The owner of Ross Clinics, a chain of multi-facility health clinics asked me.
I pointed towards this poster and said. “I liked this the most.”
“Any specific reason, Ms. Judge?”
“All the posters are pretty nice. But as a judge I have to choose one and only ONE. Right?”
“I liked this poster very much as in it a map is drawn to show all the branches of Ross Clinics as well as there full address is also written. And that will be quiet easier for the clients to find and locate the branch of Ross Clinics nearest to them in Gurgaon and Manesar.”
“I will also suggest you to ask Rossmates to make the replica of this poster and display it in all the other clinics. Keep adding more branches to it as and when you open the next.”

Dear readers do you like my decision or no?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Interesting persons

Previous post continued ….

In jam there were two persons whom I found interesting as they were enjoying the situation by keeping themselves busy even in this gandevala jam whereas the rest where irritated with the 'No movement' of vehicles. One was a middle aged lady who was solving sudoku puzzles in a book. And other was a young guy who was clicking the photos of traffic jam from every angle either to send it to his boss as he could not reach on time or uploading it on facebook to share with friends to receive their humorous comments.

What else one can go to enjoy this type of situation?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Irritating traffic jam

From the past four and a half hours my car was in the traffic jam with the result my car had only covered two hundred meters on NH No. 8 which is famous or rather I must said notorious for its kilometres long traffic jams, bahoot he gande vale jams. To divert my mind from the irritating jam I watched green fields of bajara, herd of cows, birds of different sizes and shapes, white butterflies moving here and there, not knowing where and flying clouds in blue sky. Luckily after 35 minutes car moved further and stopped near a shop. Many people who were along with me in that traffic jam got down from cars and bought mineral water, cold drinks and chips from there to quench their thirst and hunger. Seeing the rush, I analysed that by the evening that shop owner would have the sufficient money to open the McDonalds in that place. I had the sufficient water and meal for two days with me so I won’t be contributing in this noble cause.

What one can do when caught in this type of traffic jam; write a blog post like this? ;)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


“I can’t understand whether the front tyre of my car is punctured or the pressure of air is low in it?” I confusedly utter these words.
“It is not punctured only air pressure is less.”  The kid said after his careful examination. “Wait a minute.”
He ran inside the house and brought a bicycle pump. “My parents gifted me a racing cycle and this air pump on my b’day. I will correct the pressure of air in your car tyre with this pump.”
“This will not work. It is for cycle not for car.” I said.
“It is power pump not an ordinary pump.”
He ignored me, uncapped the nozzle of car tyre and tried to do what he wanted to.
Disappointedly he said “I am unable to adjust the nozzle with the valve of pump with the result there is leakage while filling air.”
“I told you that you couldn’t fill the air with this ordinary pump.”
“This is not an ordinary pump. It is power pump. POWER PUMP!”

How can I convince him that even with POWER PUMP one cannot correct the air pressure in the car tyre?