Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jakhoo Temple

“Look! Look!! Now we can see Lord Hanuman clearly.” A middle aged woman told her son.
“Yes.” Her son replied with his eyes fixed on it.
“It is Jakhoo Temple. There are monkeys every where.”
I overheard this conversation while travelling to Shimla with them in toy train. It was my first time journey by train to this city. Earlier I had visited this city a number of times by car and followed the same route as the path of train and road were side by side but never noticed the idol of Lord Hanuman.

If we travel alone by car our knowledge is somewhat confined for the surroundings whereas if we travel in public transport with lots of people then we come to know about lots of things which otherwise went unnoticed. What do you think?

Pic : It is taken from the toy train showing beautiful view of  Shimla city and Lord Hanuman (orange color idol) at the top right corner of it.


  1. Chandrika,

    If you are driving, then it is not possible to soak in all the views enroute as concentration on road is must, specially on hills. On the other hand one is totally free to enjoy the view around while in public transport or if someone else is driving the car.

    Take care

  2. yes ..its always when you travel in your own car you have the freedom to stop and enjoy the beauty relax and move at your own pace.. but in public transport .. its different .. I usually don't prefer that!(unless a train or plane)

  3. Dedicated to Hindu God, Hanuman, this ancient temple is a steep 45 minute trek from the Mall road. Apart from Jakhoo temple, some other places to visit in Shimla includes Shimla Glen, Tattapani, and Himalayan Bird Park.