Wednesday, September 5, 2012


“I can’t understand whether the front tyre of my car is punctured or the pressure of air is low in it?” I confusedly utter these words.
“It is not punctured only air pressure is less.”  The kid said after his careful examination. “Wait a minute.”
He ran inside the house and brought a bicycle pump. “My parents gifted me a racing cycle and this air pump on my b’day. I will correct the pressure of air in your car tyre with this pump.”
“This will not work. It is for cycle not for car.” I said.
“It is power pump not an ordinary pump.”
He ignored me, uncapped the nozzle of car tyre and tried to do what he wanted to.
Disappointedly he said “I am unable to adjust the nozzle with the valve of pump with the result there is leakage while filling air.”
“I told you that you couldn’t fill the air with this ordinary pump.”
“This is not an ordinary pump. It is power pump. POWER PUMP!”

How can I convince him that even with POWER PUMP one cannot correct the air pressure in the car tyre? 


  1. Leave him alone.Once he must experience it himself

  2. Chandrika,

    Let him be. He will learn at his own but if you keep insisting he will feel hurt and may tell parents that pump is useless.

    Take care

  3. He has a power pump, yay!