Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Home Science

One of my batch mates was not interested in doing B.Sc.(Home Science) but was left with no other option except it as she couldn’t get admission anywhere else. Surprisingly she couldn’t develop liking for this subject and most of the time it gave me the feeling that she was doing it unhappily. Recently I came to know that she was a School Lecturer in Home Science.
Whereas I was keenly interested in doing B.Sc. (Home Science) and I didn’t apply for any other course because I wanted to do this only. I made a good career in this field but due to some unavoidable reasons I left this field and entered our family business. 

One who is keenly interested in a particular field has to leave it whereas the one who is not interested in a particular field is continuing career in that particular field. Why? 


  1. That is where I blame our education system.
    Also,parents must give a free hand to children to decide for their future

  2. Chandrika,

    One can make all efforts to achieve what one wants but will get only what is in his or her destiny. That is life.

    Take care

  3. Dear Chandrika,

    It is a good question. [A good question is one which has no answer!] All one can presume is that HE must have some scheme and reason behind both the happenings.