Saturday, March 23, 2019

Facebook Friends

“I have 5000 friends on Facebook. If I have to add a new friend then I have to unfriend someone then only Facebook allows me to make a new friend.” A poet told me. “My Facebook friends include models, singers, dancers, painters, artists, homemakers, teachers, politicians, bureaucrats, etc. How many friends do you have?”

“Less than 200! Only my relatives and close friends are on Facebook.” I told him.

“Wherever I go, whatever I do, whomever I meet I keep posting on my Facebook. My creations, my lines, my poems all I share on Facebook. You can also share your writings on Facebook and make more friends.”

“For that I have my blog.”

“Today I met you, I will share our photo on Facebook with a few lines about you! Why don’t you share my photo and my poems on your timeline.” He started typing on his mobile with a very fast pace. I must say that I couldn’t type that fast even on my laptop. While he was busy with his mobile, I noticed his dark circled sunken eyes behind thick glasses and thought, “Apne aankein to kharab ker he rakhe hain, mere aur kharab karvayega!” :D