Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Govardhan Puja 2014

"Next day to Diwali, Govardhan Deity is prepared with cow dung. I with my team shape it. Its face, hands and legs are created. We don't forget to make fingers of all the limbs. It is then decorated with khil and flowers. We worship it with milk, sweets, kadhi, bajara khichadi, puri and lots of vegetables." I explained.
"Must be an interesting experience!" Mr. 'Y' said.
"Ya. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this. With this only one thing is left that I have to do now. Fly a plane!"

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Things that I want to do!

"You know painting, embroidery, cooking, stitching, yoga, vasushastra, astrology and many more things. You have tried everything!" Mr. 'Y' said to me.
"Nah Nah!" I could only utter hearing my praise.
"Then prepare a list of things you have not done till now."
"I have not tried two things yet. One is have not prepared cow dung cakes and other is that I have not flied an aircraft."

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Diwali 2014

"What is your email id?" I asked my Facebook and evening walker friend.
"Why do you need it? She inquired as well as told her email id.
"I want to send a joke to you."
"OK. My husband has heart attack on Monday morning. Two stents has been inserted in his body through surgery. He is better now and will be discharged today."
"Oho! Do you need any help?"
"The total bill is of Rs. 10 lacs. I have paid Rs. 8 lacs. I am in short of Rs. 2 lacs. I have asked some of my relatives and friends for help. Will you be able to pay me if I fall short of some money? I need the money today itself before the discharge from the hospital."

I was driving towards the mall for Diwali shopping - for buying new clothes, purses, shoes, candles and other decorative items for my house. My purse had handsome amount of cash drawn a few hours before from ATM. I could not withdraw more amount from ATM. I couldn't withdraw cash from the banks as they were closed by now. The next day was Diwali and a bank holiday. I either could do shopping or help her.
"Ya sure." I assured her and turned my car towards the house.

A few hours later, she called me up and told the amount she was short of. I helped her. With moist eyes she hugged me and said, "You made my Diwali!"

Monday, October 20, 2014

Say NO to crackers

Birds are easily frightened with the loud noise of crackers. Fireworks lasting for hours are torture for birds. Fireworks can cause health damage to birds. They can be shocked which can cause even their death.
Birds can lose their direction of flight for quite some time because of the unexpected glare of rockets. Birds that get near to exploding fireworks become victims of burns and eye damage.
Celebrate a cracker free Diwali and say NO to fire crackers and BUY a home for a pair of birds.
Bird houses/ nest boxes are available in different sizes for all charming birds living in or near your locality.
Contact – Chandrika Shubham

Email- chandrikashubham@gmail.com

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vanilla Sundae

"I have sent the photos of all the bird houses designed by me to you. Which one you like the most?" I asked a teenager.
"All are beautiful. I liked the vanilla sundae the most." He replied.
"Vanilla Sundae is a ice cream."
"It is a color mixture. You can Google it."
"Such a strange name of color I heard for the first time!"

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bird House available in Gurgaon

Hello Readers.
I have just started a new business of designing bird houses. Here are some of the bird houses designed by me. 

Bird house/ Nest box for various birds like wabbler, humming bird, Indian robin, jungle babbler, Indian myna, tree pie, hornbill etc. are available for sale. Decorate your garden and balcony with bird house and hear the chirping of happy and free birds. 

Interested in buying write a mail to me at chandrikashubham@gmail.com