Thursday, October 23, 2014

Diwali 2014

"What is your email id?" I asked my Facebook and evening walker friend.
"Why do you need it? She inquired as well as told her email id.
"I want to send a joke to you."
"OK. My husband has heart attack on Monday morning. Two stents has been inserted in his body through surgery. He is better now and will be discharged today."
"Oho! Do you need any help?"
"The total bill is of Rs. 10 lacs. I have paid Rs. 8 lacs. I am in short of Rs. 2 lacs. I have asked some of my relatives and friends for help. Will you be able to pay me if I fall short of some money? I need the money today itself before the discharge from the hospital."

I was driving towards the mall for Diwali shopping - for buying new clothes, purses, shoes, candles and other decorative items for my house. My purse had handsome amount of cash drawn a few hours before from ATM. I could not withdraw more amount from ATM. I couldn't withdraw cash from the banks as they were closed by now. The next day was Diwali and a bank holiday. I either could do shopping or help her.
"Ya sure." I assured her and turned my car towards the house.

A few hours later, she called me up and told the amount she was short of. I helped her. With moist eyes she hugged me and said, "You made my Diwali!"