Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eating capacity

“You didn’t come yesterday, is everything fine?” I inquired Mr.‘Y’ a middle aged yoga student.

“I had to rush to metropolitan city to meet my old pal.”
“Why so?” All the members of yoga group were eager to know.
“In morning, there was a religious function so I had halwa, kheer, puris with aloo sabji. I reached my friend’s house about noon. Preserved mango and guava fruit juice with dhokla, mathri, Bengali sweets and biscuits were served. Though not hungry yet courtesy sake I took some.”

He continued, “We discussed the things for half an hour, then his wife served lunch; chapatti, missi roti, dal makhni, palak paneer, pindi channa, pulaoo, curd and raita. A good hostess she was. I myself was surprised that I tasted each and every dish and ate to the full. When sweet dish malai kulfi was served, I realized there was no space left. But I couldn’t refuse so….”

“You ate that too?” I surprisingly asked.
“Not only that but much more. Hardly I and my friend talked for forty five minutes then the table was again decorated with delicious dishes. Samosa, katchori, rasgulla, gulab jamun with hot coffee was graciously served. All these items started making their space in my belly pushing aside the earlier placed items. Before they could serve the dinner, I bade them goodbye. Returning home, I didn’t take even a glass of water as there was no space for that even. Next day, I woke up safe and sound, though I was not hoping so.”

While group was giggling, admiring his tummy he complained to me, “Ma’am, I am not losing weight though I do yoga regularly.”
“Sir, Yoga has increased your eating capacity.” I smiled back.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fight over land

Human beings fight over three things namely land, property and woman. Common man fight for few inches of land, quiet a rich person over a few feet, well-off people on yards and countries fight on territories. Every year a large populace directly or indirectly die as a result of fight for land.

When a person was not in posession of a piece of land some decades ago and will not hold it after 50 years; then why the hell does one waste so much time, energy and money on fighting over it? Why can’t all live in peace and harmony as humans have a very short life span?

It’s just a point to ponder.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What’s the time?

My physics tutor was very strict. I must admit that he was so authoritarian man that most of the girls couldn’t speak to him and some brave ones only dare to say ‘Yes, Sir’. None could say ‘No,Sir’. Why all students were scared of him I even today didn’t know.

One day when I reached for the class, I found none of my batch mates’ vehicles parked. I was bewildered what happened? Some of them must be present by this time. Today they bunked without informing me. In general, we all gathered out side and went together to face the physics bombardment jointly. I gathered my all courage and peeped inside, might be they were in the class. I strode. Oops! Sir looked at me and gestured me to come in. I, all alone had to enter the danger zone. I startled, took three small steps and reached near his desk.
“What’s the time now?” He asked me.
“Why Sir is asking me what’s the time? I do not wear watch.” I thought. Confused with happenings, looked up at the wall clock to tell him the correct time. As I was calculating the time he raged, “It’s not working.”

After that I didn’t laugh a miracle.

“Seriously you didn’t laugh.” My batch mates teased me when I narrated them this incidence as I couldn’t control my chuckling.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gift for a good friend

Cleaning my book rack, I saw a book in yellowish cream paperback sandwiched between the shelf and wall. A Little forward and backward movement helped in taking it out. As I ran my fingers on the golden embossing ‘The Tao of Warren Buffett’ on cover page, I recalled how much I took pains in searching this very book. From one mall to another, from one store to another in a city like Gurgaon, I searched it like a hell. In between all those boring financial books, I explored it because of its uniqueness. It explained sayings of Warren Buffett like the teachings of Chinese Taoist master in a simple, interesting, amusing and pondering way. This book helped in opening the new windows of strategies to become rich, too simple sayings but too powerful in application. It could be the best b’day present for my friend, an investment savvy.

"Oh my Goodness! It was still with me. I didn’t post it at that time as my good friend was shifting from one city to another; I feared, it might not get lost. Therefore, I placed it on my rack and would send it after some time when he would be settled in the new place. After that this book kept slipping below slowly with the arrival of new books in my collection.

In the meanwhile we, I and my so called good friend, fought and stop communicating. Now what should I do with the book; sell it in scrap, tidily keep it on my book rack as remembrance of sweet memories or courier it to my friend’s new address?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Power of prayers?

A call on my mobile upset my mood while I was at my client’s house to suggest changes according to vaastu. I couldn’t concentrate on work after that. Though the vaastu concepts are clear to me and I explained confidently. Now, the situation was different. I was disturbed which was making me confused about the changes to be suggested. Bewilderment on my face and in my voice could be easily noticed. And yaeh the client and his wife felt that too. I was not satisfied with my performance, even then they paid my fees so politely that I couldn’t refuse. I just prayed for their prosperity and wellbeing.

After I left, my client and his wife decided to do the changes, what ever I suggested in my perplexing state. The position of double bed in their children room was to be changed. As soon as they moved the bed then they found a shinning object mingled with dust and dirty fibers behind the leg of bed, in room’s corner. Slight movement of bed made it clearly visible. Picked up the shinning little thing and recalled that it was their daughter's missing diamond studded gold earring. They thought it was lost by her in school. This incidence they narrated to me on my next visit to their house. This time, I confidently suggested the changes.

Is it a power of prayers, vastu or just a coincidence?