Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fight over land

Human beings fight over three things namely land, property and woman. Common man fight for few inches of land, quiet a rich person over a few feet, well-off people on yards and countries fight on territories. Every year a large populace directly or indirectly die as a result of fight for land.

When a person was not in posession of a piece of land some decades ago and will not hold it after 50 years; then why the hell does one waste so much time, energy and money on fighting over it? Why can’t all live in peace and harmony as humans have a very short life span?

It’s just a point to ponder.


  1. Yes. But people are self-centered enough to try to make their life comfortable enough. There is nothing wrong in wanting to live in luxury,however not at the other person's peril

  2. There's only a small gap preventing the transformation of ur blog 4m gud 2 excellent..All the best!!

  3. First commentator's right. This self-centeredness is what allows people the audacity of prioritizing self-interest over peace, which does not only apply to individuals but to states and countries as well. Public and international policies are ones that aim towards gaining prosperity - even if it done through unfavorable means - at the expense of world peace.

    This greed can be curbed though by self-reflection and most importantly through reading hinduism scriptures and others (such as macrobiotic scriptures that advocate balance in the universe).

    If only we could revert to older and organic books that prioritize balance and equity over greed and self-centerdness.

    Great post, wish our governments thought that way .. but policy makers are dehumanized.

  4. Just my viewpoint and not truth!

    There is also the fight for land over ego and the fight for land over gamesmanship. Sometimes winning the game and feeding the ego are involved as well.

    Another reason is religious based reasons which are far too long to go into great detail over.

    I like your thinking here...

    Best regards,
    Tom Bailey

  5. @ Narasimhan : Our comfort should not be discomfort for others. Thanks for following me.
    @ Suraj : Thanks for appreciating me. Best wishes.
    @ Anonymous Farmer : Moral values which one gains from holy books, are the best way to over come greed, hatred and self-centeredness. Less negative feelings will result in less fights. Thanks for visting my site and for your valuable insight.
    @ Tom Bailey : Sometimes ego and selfish motives are also the root cause of fight. Thanks and keep visiting it.

  6. Man has many reasons to fight. I believe it is not the land we fight for but what it can produce. We can enslave a people and make them work the land takeing the production as our share of the spoils.

    I for one will walk upon it but *shrug* owning it? what good is owning a piece of property I can not take home with me?

  7. Thanks the walking man for expressing your true views. A piece of property that can’t give happiness is of no use.

  8. I'm going to blame the drinking water. What else can explain such mindless, antisocial behavior? And I think it is very bad for the human mind to focus on "things" as opposed to good values.

  9. I agree with you that the focus should be on good values rather than on negative ones. Thanks for visiting my site and expressing your genuine feelings.