Monday, March 20, 2023

Dazzling light like a sun in meditation

While concentrating on Trikuti, the light as bright as sun appeared from the right side of my forehead. This happened when I was doing the last leg of the japa of ‘Om Sri Matrey Namah’ in today’s sadhana. The 40-day sadhana was just about to complete in a few days.

The yellow light was too bright and powerful but faded as quickly as it appeared. My joy no bounds on the vision of the dazzling yellow light that filled me with warmth, happiness and positivity. I was half surprised and half confused. On disappearing of this peculiar sensation, I had an intense desire for the repeat telecast of the same experience.

This experience was a great encouragement in my Sadhana. The appearance of Prithvi tattva represents yellow-coloured light which means that I was transcending the physical consciousness. My heart beat jumped on the vision of dazzling light but I must have breathe slowly, very slowly and should remain calm and steady in my asana. May be next time I would be able to control my emotions and could hold this vision for a longer time.

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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Krishna 360 Degrees by Devdutt Pattnaik

I had just finished the podcast on Audible named 'Krishna 360 degrees' written and narrated by Devdutt Pattnaik. The author has done a detailed research on Lord Krishna as an infant, prankster, cowherd, beloved, refugee, householder, charioteer and avatar. Krishna manages both rural and urban responsibilities well because he is a cowherd in Vrindavan and a king in Dwarka. It is a deep dive into the life of Krishna as a kid, a toddler, a teenager, a cowherd, a statesman, a lover, a husband, a father, and a god-on-earth.

Fall in love with Krishna from every conceivable perspective as the distinct and captivating way of expression will keep you interested and engaged throughout. :)

If you enjoyed reading this then by the same author you will also like this. :)

Friday, March 17, 2023

My spiritual experience of watching Sri Hari's Aarti live

Date - 17.3.23

Place - My home

I could not sing a single word of aarti as I was crying horribly. As soon as I saw the alluring Sri Hari Bhagwan during the live telecast of Aarti from Sri Badrika Ashram then tears welled up in my eyes and I started crying uncontrollably. Dark skinned Bhagwan's hands, feet, face and eyes resemble red lotus flowers in the black tinted water of Yamuna river. 

With a mere glance from His big eyes He destroyed the darkness, ignorance, loneliness of His devotees filling their lives with bright crimson colored joy, happiness and optimism. He subdued Kaliya Naag, the serpent who resided in Yamuna river, a representation of coiled serpent of Kundalini energy by channelizing its poison of hatred into bliss and enjoyment.

Pic - Sri Hari Bhagwan

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Live telecast of Aarti from Sri Badrika Ashram

On 16th March, 2023, as Sri Hari's Aarti began, I started crying loudly. I experienced it while watching the live telecast of Aarti from Sri Badrika Ashram. My eyes were filled with tears and they overflowed wetting my soft cheeks. Black complexion of Sri Hari Bhagwan is like dark clouds carrying rains of love. His Pitambar, the yellow silk dress, is like a lightning of blessing among those black clouds. I was absorbed in His mesmerizing form. Surprisingly I cried only during the live telecast and not while watching the recording of Aarti! :)

Pic - Sri Hari Bhagwan

Saturday, March 11, 2023

WHEN you eat is more important than WHAT you eat.

What is the longest time gap between your two meals?

Mine is 24 hours which means I only take one meal per day. For the past 14 months, I am comfortable practicing it. Sometimes when I am in a mood to do tapas then I even skip that one meal, which means that I have my meal after 48 hours. My plate consists of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fats, vitamins and fibers. To everyone's surprise, I consume butter, ghee, sweets and fried foods on a regular basis. But it doesn't affect my health as there is a huge time gap between the two meals. If the gap between two meals is very less, even cucumbers will give belly fat. :)

If the gap is more than 9 hours then you are living a healthy life. But if it is less than 9 hours then you should increase the gap by delaying your breakfast or taking your dinner earlier. You can slowly shift it half an hour or so till you reach your goal. The gap between the two meals is necessary for the stomach to take rest and not to produce hormones like insulin frequently. You can increase this gap from 9 hours to 12 hours. In the early days, the people used to have their meals before sunset and only after sunrise. But after the invention of electricity there is no such time restraint, one eats whenever one feels like.

So, WHEN you eat is more important than WHAT you eat. :)

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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Conquer insomnia!

Many years back, I was struggling with insomnia. I could neither sleep at the proper time nor could I experience sound sleep. I made some changes in my lifestyle to overcome this problem. These were as follows :-

1. I stopped taking a nap during the daytime and utilized that time in exercising regularly. Either I did yoga or walking or both. When my body got tired, I could very easily slip into sleep. You can take the help of any Health App to keep a track of your exercise progress.

2. Before sleeping, I started chanting mantras while concentrating on each and every word. Soon my mind would be exhausted and needed rest. You can select any mantra from Sadhana App and can chant it visualizing each letter of the mantra in your mind.

3. I started doing shavasana. While focusing and relaxing each and every part of the body, very quickly I felt drowsy. You can do yoga Nidra in Black Lotus App, it is a really very effective way of relaxing.

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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Sri Suktam Live Yagna Day 10 with Om Swamiji

Wow! A feline beauty on a catwalk!

On the day 10 of the live telecast of Sri Suktam Yagna, a blackish cat placidly entered from the right side of the screen. It was not only a beauty with brains but a charm with calmness. It meekly sat behind Om Swamiji who was doing the preparations for the yagna by placing firewood in the firepit and was humming ‘Jai Ambe Hare Jagdambe Hare’. On realizing its presence near Him, a delicate smile appeared on His glowing face. A powerful smile that can eradicate all sorrows, sadness and ignorance from one’s life!

The feline took a round and went away from where it had come. As usual the yagna began with the ahutis with ghee. The same mantras were repeated, the same ingredients were poured one after the another, the same monotonous process. I followed Swamiji’s instructions. Swamiji poured ghee, I did too. He poured havan samagri, I did too. He offered firewood, I did too. I acted in accordance with Him and performed the whole process like a copycat.

As soon as Swamiji started chanting the 15 mantras of Devi Ma taken from Lakshmi Tantram, I started feeling uneasy.

नमो नित्यानवद्याय जगतः सर्वहेतवे। 

ज्ञानाय निस्तरङ्गाय लक्ष्मीनारायणात्मने ॥१ ॥ 

नमस्ते सिन्धुसम्भूते नमस्ते पद्मसम्भवे । 

नमः सरोरुहावासे नारायणकुटुम्बिनि ॥ २  ॥

क्षीरोदमथनायासफलरूपे मधुद्विषः । 

नमचन्द्रसहोदर्यै नमस्तेऽमृतयोनये ॥ ३  ॥

नमः सरोरुहावासे नमोः नारायण आश्रय 

नमो नित्यानवद्यायै कल्याण गुण सिन्धवे || ४ || 

नमस्ते पद्मसम्भूते नमः कमलमालिनि ।।

नमः कमलवासिन्यै गोविन्दगृहमेधिनि ॥५ ॥

नमस्ते कमलावासे जनन्यै सर्वदेहिनाम् । 

गृहिण्यै पद्मनाभस्य नमस्ते सरसीरुहे ॥ ६  ॥

नमोः निखिलनिर्माणत्राणसंहारशक्तये ।

हरेः स्वरूपभूतायै नमस्ते ज्ञानरूपिणि ॥ ७  ॥

शब्दार्थव्यक्तिरूपायै षडध्वपरिवर्तिनि ।

अध्वातीतावबोधाख्ये नमस्ते हरिवल्लभे ॥८ ॥

परं ब्रह्म परं धाम पद्मस्थे पद्ममालिनि ।

नमस्ते पद्मजे पद्मे गोविन्दगृहमेधिनि॥९ ॥ 

नमस्तुभ्यं जगन्नाथे पुण्डरीकाक्षवल्लभे ।

अशेषजगदीशाने सर्वज्ञे सर्वभाविनि ॥ १०  ॥ 

शुद्धा शुद्ध षडध्वाख्याचित्रनिर्माण भितये 

नमः श्रीवैसभावीन्य भव संताप शान्तायै || ११  || 

नमो नित्यानवद्यायै जनन्यै सर्वदेहिनाम् ।

आधारेशात्मरूपायै शुद्धाशुद्धाखिलाध्वनाम्॥ १२ ॥

नमस्ते सचिदचिद्वर्गसंरक्षणविचक्षणे ।

जगद्विधानशिल्पिन्यै विष्णुपत्न्यै नमोऽस्तु ते ॥१३  ॥

विश्वारणे नमस्तुभ्यं नमो विश्वविभूतये ।

सर्वासामपि सिद्धीनां नमस्ते मूलहेतवे ॥१४॥ 

आदिदेवात्मभूतायै नारायणकुटुम्बिनि ।

समस्तजगदाराध्ये नमस्ते पद्मयोनये ॥ १५॥

The burning sensation around my heart chakra appeared all of a sudden. I found myself gasping for breath. I could not breathe from my nose. It became hard for me to even press the jaggery icon in one of the options on Sadhana App. As the chants became louder my discomfort multiplied further. I was breathless. With great difficulty in breathing from my nose, I opened my mouth for some more oxygen.

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Are You Disheartened on Rejection of Initiation Request?


Are you disheartened, eh?

Many mails are pouring in my inbox after the rejection of their initiation request from Om Swamiji as they have not met Him in person. It is true that we all feel low when our request is declined. We all adore Him and want to be initiated by Him or wish to be jumped at higher level of initiation.

It is the need of the hour that we must understand that initiation means connecting a bond with the lineage which means leading a disciplined life. It is the responsibility not the leisure or fun. Ask yourself what responsibility you are ready to take for the welfare of the society and for the self-transformation. If you can do even minor changes in your lifestyle, you will be amazed that the lineage blesses you with the immense power and success in any and all endeavors of your life - materialistic as well as spiritual.

I would recommend some minor changes. They are as follows:

A. Just before sleeping and soon after waking up chant any of the following mantra just for 5 minutes. Please pick one and then daily chant it. Also bow down to Om Swamiji.

1. Navarana Mantra in Sadhana App (It will connect you with Mother Divine)

2. Siddha Surya Mantra in Sadhana App (It will connect you with the lineage)

3. ॐ सर्वमंगल मांगल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके।

शरण्ये त्रयम्बके गौरी नारायणी नमोस्तुते।। 

(Om Sarva Mangal Mangalye Shive Sarvartha Sadhike.
Sharanye Trymbake Gauri Narayani Namoastutte.) in Black Lotus App (It will connect you with Om Swamiji)

B. You can chant the same mantra while doing daily chores, walking, waiting for somebody, while travelling etc. The more you chant the mantra the more connected you will be with Om Swamiji.

C. If you are strongly determined for the initiation then the recommendation is that you must start using Sadhana App for Japa, Nitya Pooja, Abhishekam, Yajna and Sadhana. You will find that there is a Leader Board in the App which show the 100 names of the topmost performers for the Japa, Nitya Pooja, Abhishekam, Yajna and Sadhana respectively. Are you really serious? Then work hard so that your name is reflected in the top 10 names not 100. With my experience, I could say that He keeps a keen track on each and every person’s progress in the Sadhana App as well as in the Black Lotus App.

D. Daily do at least one Random Act of Kindness in Black Lotus App.

It is time to work hard and not to cry over the spilt milk.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

An uncommon spiritual experience

Oops! My fingers were burning.

On the Diwali night, when there were fireworks outside, I was feeling fireworks inside my body too. The burning sensations in the fingers of my left hand made me uncomfortable and uneasy. According to Siddh Yogi Vishalbhai Pandya, “It’s easy to feel Kundalini Energy because it’s a forceful and concentrated energy that quickly moves through chakras. People usually feel the burning sensation in the part of the body where the energy resides.”

I experienced it while doing my routine prayers. Surprisingly, I was not doing any particular sadhana. The sensation of burning was more in the index and middle finger although it was shifting in between all the fingers and the thumb. The area of upper knuckles was burning intensely as if this part of the body part had been immersed in the boiling water.

Deepak Chopra said, “The physical sensation like burning is most likely due to the body releasing some old traumatic experience. Sometimes the release process triggers strong physical sensations. Know that this clearing away of the old trauma is a good thing, and that when it is finished the burning sensation will ease up and stop. Then one will have a smoother meditation experience again.”

The burning sensation in the left palm remained even after I finished meditation. The feeling lingered for nearly half an hour before completely disappearing.

According to the book ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’, “The almost unknown spiritual experience described in the scriptures as Mahā–bhāva, the most exalted rapture of divine love is the extreme exaltation had been described as manifesting itself through nineteen physical symptoms, including the shedding of tears, a tremor of the body, horripilation, perspiration, and a burning sensation. These were the symptoms of madness, madness for God!”

I frequently experienced shedding of tears, tremor in my body, perspiration and burning sensations around the chakras and now burning sensation in my fingers. I have never gone through the feeling of horripilation. Hope that my madness for God grows by leaps and bounds!

Pic : Unsplash 

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Sri Suktam Virtual Yagna with Om Swamiji

Surprisingly, I was perspiring profusely.

In Delhi NCR, it was not a sweltering summer morning rather a cold morning when the outside temperature was 18° Celsius and inside room temperature was around 23° Celsius. I was neither doing any aggressive workout nor doing any exertive physical work. I was just sitting in the padmasana and clicking the buttons of my iPhone. Fully absorbed in doing the virtual yagna with Om Swamiji on Day 2 of Sri Suktam Sadhana in Sadhana App, I felt this spiritual experience. In between tapping on the ingredient's icons in the yagna while chanting the mantras, immense love and devotion for God transformed into tear drops and loud cries.

‘yãjno vai vishñuhiti srùteh’

Bhagwan Vishnu is Yagna himself. The Vedas, the Shruti Shastra says that the Yagna is one kind of manifestation of Sri Vishnu. Something performed for the pleasure of the supreme Lord Vishnu, the way He desires. The word Yagna is composed of two letters, ‘ya’ and ‘gna’. ‘Ya’ means 'For whose' and ‘gna’ means 'acknowledgement'. Therefore, yagna means the performance of something to get acknowledged by the Supreme Being.”

Fire is the symbol of spirit; it represents the soul. Fire always burns upwards motivating me to rise above lower afflictions of my mind. When I meditated on outer fire it helped me in igniting the inner fire. Inner fire consumes all thoughts except the thought about Bhagwan.

Earlier whenever I had performed a yagna with firewood and real material, the intense heat of fire flames made me uneasy. Sitting close to the havan kund would sometimes become a tedious task especially in the sweltery summers. Perspiring heavily was quite common at such times.

Today morning, just before finishing the virtual yagna in Sadhana App, I was feeling as uncomfortable as I had always experienced while doing a real yagna in the hot humid summer. My attire was drenched with sweat because of excessive perspiration. I was perspiring profusely as if I was performing a real yagna. Virtual and real experience coincides! 

A verse from Chandogya Upanisad (7.26.2)

āhāra- suddhau sattva- suddhih sattva suddhau druva smritih smrti- lambhe sarva- granthīnām vipramoksah.

(Performing yagnas would purify one's food, eating that meal would sanctify one's body. When one's body is purified, one attains a stable memory, and when the memory is stable one becomes free from all bondages, leading one on the path to liberation.)

Dear readers, after reading this post, is your enthusiasm fired up to do a virtual yagna with Om Swamiji in Sadhana App?

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Pic : A screenshot just before commencing of the virtual yagna in Sadhana App.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Sri Suktam Live Yagna with Om Swamiji

Whole Diwali night I could not sleep!

I could not doze for even a minute as I was ultra-excited to do live yagna in Sadhana App with Om Swamiji the very next morning. While doing a yagna I always visualized that He is doing yagna with me. I hadn’t done any yagna in the sadhana without creating His image in my mind. In Sri Suktam Sadhana in Sadhana App, I need not imagine His presence, He would be right there in front of my eyes. Thought of performing yagna and pouring ingredients almost at the same time with Him thrilled me.

But the bitter truth is that I was so busy in chanting mantras, doing sadhanas, meditating on divine and writing post for that when I found the time to sleep, it was actually my time to wake up. Without blinking my eyes for a second, I started for my next day. I took a bath and entered my prayer room. The whole night pass by in chanting, meditating and doing sadhana. Whenever I felt sleepy, I got up to wash my face with chilled water.

At sharp 5:15 a.m. the yajna began. There was a screen in the middle to watch the live performance of yagna by Om Swamiji. On the left-hand side there were basic ingredients like ghee, firewood and havan samagri. The special ingredients were listed on the right-hand side which include raisins, white sesame seeds and red sandalwood, special ingredient to perform Purn Aahuti. In the middle a virtual yagna kund was created. As soon as Swamiji started performing yajna than I started crying. The tears of love and devotion for Him wetted my cheeks. I could not see the screen properly because of the salty water in my eyes. Sometimes I clicked the wrong ingredient because of blurredness. I cried in the beginning, in the middle and towards the end. The only period when I was not crying was while offering ingredients and chanting the first verse of Sri Suktam. It was a difficult mantra and I had to focus on it while chanting. Sometimes, I was crying so loud that I could barely hear which mantra He was chanting.

He was cleaning the outer environment by doing a yagna but His powerful voice was cleaning the negative tendencies of mind as they were flowing out of me in the form of tears. The feeling of jealousy, hatred, anger, fear and desires all were burning into ashes while meditating on the chants in His dynamic voice.

While doing this virtual yagna, I also learned an important lesson that the end of the life is the same for the rich and the poor –we all are a handful of ashes. How high or hot the fire flames of yagna may be but in the end, they will turn into a pile of ashes! ‘इदं न मम’ (idam na mama) which is chanted with the fire offerings simply means is ‘It is not mine’ that nothing in this temporary world belongs to me. I shed the rat chasing for temporary desires of this materialistic world for the permanent desire of God and God alone. His presence and His words helped me in connecting my soul with the Supreme soul to seek God’s mercy and His Blessings.

अफलाकाङ्क्षिभिर्यज्ञो विधिदृष्टो य इज्यते ।

यष्टव्यमेवेति मन: समाधाय स सात्विक:॥

aphalākāṅkṣhibhir yajño vidhi-driṣhṭo ya ijyate

yaṣhṭavyam eveti manaḥ samādhāya sa sāttvikaḥ

(Of yagna, that is performed according to duty and to scriptural rules, and with no expectation of reward, is of the nature of goodness.)

(Bhagavad Gita 17.11)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Eulogy of Ma Lakshmi in Sadhana App

Meditation is a child play!

Seriously, if you have tried concentrating on the golden idol of Ma Lakshmi in Golden Palace in Sadhana App, you must have experienced that focusing on Her is as simple as making a big soapy bubble. How much we enjoyed creating those big bubbles! Similarly visualizing Ma’s golden image in which She is having lotuses in two hands, holding a pitcher in one and is blessing her devotees with the another in so easy. If you haven’t tried it yet, then try it out today on the auspicious Diwali night when everybody is lighting diyas outside why not you light one diya inside you.

After the japa and hawan the eulogy of Ma Lakshmi is done with the aarti. It is Ashtalakshmi Stotram in which eight forms of Ma Lakshmi are worshipped. The eight manifestations of Goddess, bestowing the different aspects of materialistic wealth like agriculture, valor, knowledge, money, progeny, courage, victory and royalty. You can read word to word meaning of the stotram here in English and here in Hindi

Adi Lakshmi brings happiness and prosperity to human beings. She is clad in red saree and is adorned with gold jewelry. She holds a flag in one hand and lotus in another hand. With one hand She is showering gold coins and with other She is blessing Her devotees with long life, good health and bliss.


सुमन सवन्दित सुन्दरि माधवी चन्द्र सहोदरी हेममये ।

मुनिगण वन्दित मोक्ष प्रदायनि मंजुल भाषिणि वेदनुते ॥

पंकज वासिनी देव-सुपुजित सद्गुण वर्षिणि शान्ति युते ।

जय जय हे मधुसुदन कामिनी, आदि-लक्ष्मी जये पालय माम्  ॥१॥

sumanasa vandita sundari mādhavi, chandra sahodari hēmamayē
munigaṇa vandita mōkṣapradāyani, mañjula bhāṣiṇi vēdanutē ।
paṅkajavāsini dēva supūjita, sadguṇa varṣiṇi śāntiyutē
jaya jayahē madhusūdana kāmini, ādilakṣmi paripālaya mām ॥ 1 ॥

Dhanya Lakshmi is the goddess of sustenance. She is the Goddess of agriculture wealth. She manifests herself in seeds, grains, fruits, flowers, leaves, plants and trees. She is dressed in vibrant green saree and is holding wheat plant, sugarcane, gada, Abhaye Mudra, lotus flower, bunch of bananas, beautiful red color flower and Varada Mudra. She blesses Her devotees with opulence in farm yield.  


अहिकली कल्मष नाशिनि कामिनी, वैदिक रुपिणी वेदमये ।

क्षीर-समुद्भव मंगल रूपिणी, मन्त्र निवासिनी मन्त्रनुते ॥

मंगल दायिनि अम्बुज वासिनि, देव गणाश्रित पाद्युते ।

जय जय हे मधुसुदन कामिनी, धान्यलक्ष्मी जये पालय माम् ॥२॥

ayikali kalmaṣa nāśini kāmini, vaidika rūpiṇi vēdamayē
kṣīra samudbhava maṅgaḻa rūpiṇi, mantranivāsini mantranutē ।
maṅgaḻadāyini ambujavāsini, dēvagaṇāśrita pādayutē
jaya jayahē madhusūdana kāmini, dhānyalakṣmi paripālaya mām ॥ 2 ॥

Dhairya Lakshmi blesses with everyone with happiness, calmness and peace. She bestows infinite courage, confidence and strength to fight against evil. She is wearing red color garments and is adorned with splendid jewelry. She is holding various weapons and things like chakra, conch, bow, arrow, trishula (trident) or a sword, bundle of palm leaves, the other two hands in Varada Mudra and Abhaye Mudra.


जयवर वर्णिनी वैष्णवी भार्गवी, मन्त्र स्वरूपिणी मन्त्रम्ये ।

सुर-गण पूजित शीघ्र फलप्रद, ज्ञान विकासिनी शास्त्रनुते ॥

भव-भय हारिणी पाप विमोचनि, साधु जनाश्रित पादयुते ।

जय जय हे मधुसुदन कामिनी, धैर्यलक्ष्मी जये पालय माम् ॥३॥

jayavaravarṣiṇi vaiṣṇavi bhārgavi, mantra svarūpiṇi mantramayē
suragaṇa pūjita śīghra phalaprada, jñāna vikāsini śāstranutē ।
bhavabhayahāriṇi pāpavimōchani, sādhu janāśrita pādayutē
jaya jayahē madhu sūdhana kāmini, dhairyalakṣmī paripālaya mām ॥ 3 ॥

Gaja Lakshmi is the protector of human beings. She is the giver of peace and prosperity. She is dressed in red saree and is holding two red lotus flowers in Her hands. She is showering gold coins from one hand and blessing Her devotees with another. Two elephants are pouring fragrant water on Her from both the sides which represents that She bestows one with royalty and power.


जय-जय दुर्गति नाशिनि, कामिनी सर्व-फलप्रद शास्त्रमये ।

रथ-गज तुरग-पदाति समावृत, परिजन मंडित लोकनुते ॥

हरिहर ब्रह्म सुपूजित सेवित, ताप निवारिणि पादयुते ।

जय जय हे मधुसुदन कामिनी, श्री गजलक्ष्मी पालय माम् ॥४॥

jaya jaya durgati nāśini kāmini, sarvaphalaprada śāstramayē
radhagaja turagapadāti samāvṛta, parijana maṇḍita lōkanutē ।
harihara brahma supūjita sēvita, tāpa nivāriṇi pādayutē
jaya jayahē madhusūdana kāmini, gajalakṣmī rūpēṇa pālaya mām ॥ 4 ॥

Santana Lakshmi is the Goddess of fertility and progeny. She blesses Her worshippers with the children of high intelligence and good character. She is clad in golden saree and a cute baby is sitting in Her lap. She is holding a shield and a sword in Her two hands. In other two hands She had two pots decorated with mango leaves and coconuts in it.  


अहि-खग वाहिनि मोहिनि चक्रिणि, राग विवर्धिनि ज्ञानमये ।

गुण-गण वारिधि लोक हितैषिणि, सप्तस्वर भूषित गाननुते ॥

सकल सुरासुर देवमुनीश्वर, मानव वन्दित पादयुते ।

जय जय हे मधुसुदन कामिनि, संतान लक्ष्मी पालय माम् ॥५॥

ayikhaga vāhini mōhini chakriṇi, rāgavivardhini jñānamayē
guṇagaṇavāradhi lōkahitaiṣiṇi, saptasvara bhūṣita gānanutē ।
sakala surāsura dēva munīśvara, mānava vandita pādayutē
jaya jayahē madhusūdana kāmini, santānalakṣmī paripālaya mām ॥ 5 ॥

Vijaya Lakshmi is the Goddess of victory, the victory of dharma or righteousness. She bestows one with the victory over anger, lust, greed, jealousy, hatred and evil thoughts. She is wearing red saree and is holding various weapons like disc, sword, shield and noose. She is holding lotus and conch in Her other two hands. She is also showing Abhaya Mudra and Varada Mudra to support Her devotees mentally and spiritually and to dispel fear of ignorance from them.


जय कमलासनि सद्गति दायिनि, ज्ञान विकासिनि गानमये ।

अनुदि नमर्चित कुमकुम धूसर, भूषित वासित वाद्यनुते ॥

कनक-धरा स्तुति वैभव वन्दित, शङ्कर देशिक मान्य पदे । 

जय जय हे मधुसुदन कामिनी, विजय लक्ष्मी जये पालय माम् ॥६॥

jaya kamalāsini sadgati dāyini, jñānavikāsini gānamayē
anudina marchita kuṅkuma dhūsara, bhūṣita vāsita vādyanutē ।
kanakadharāstuti vaibhava vandita, śaṅkaradēśika mānyapadē
jaya jayahē madhusūdana kāmini, vijayalakṣmī paripālaya mām ॥ 6 ॥

Vidya Lakshmi is the Goddess of knowledge which helps in the intellectual development of Her devotees. She provides value-oriented education to those who worship her with full devotion. She is holding lotus flowers in Her two upper hands. The lower two hands show Varada Mudra, a boon giving gesture and Abhaya Mudra, a power to overcome fear, anxiety, insecurity and ignorance.


प्रणत सुरेश्वरि भारति भार्गवि, शोक विनाशिनि रत्नमये ।

मणिमय भूषित कर्ण विभूषण, शान्ति समावृत हास्य मुखे ॥

नवनिधि दायिनि कलिमल हारिणि, कामित फलप्रद हस्त युते ।

जय जय हे मधुसुदन कामिनी, विद्या लक्ष्मी पालय माम् ॥७॥

praṇata surēśvari bhārati bhārgavi, śōkavināśini ratnamayē
maṇimaya bhūṣita karṇavibhūṣaṇa, śānti samāvṛta hāsyamukhē ।
navanidhi dāyini kalimalahāriṇi, kāmita phalaprada hastayutē
jaya jayahē madhusūdana kāmini, vidyālakṣmī sadā pālaya mām ॥ 7 ॥

Dhana Lakshmi grants wealth, money and riches. She also blesses us with natural resources like river, ocean, sun, moon, star, sky, clouds, rain etc. which is too a form of wealth. She has a beautiful aura around Her. She is beautifully dressed in maroon saree with adorable golden necklaces embedded with jewels of various length. She holds chakra, bow and arrow, golden coins (showers), conch, golden pot and lotus flower in Her hands.


धिमि-धिमि धिन्धिमि-दिन्धिमी दुन्धुभि नाद सुपूर्णमये ।

घूमघूम घुंघुम घुंघुम घुंघुम, शङ्ख निनाद सुवाद्य-नुते ॥

वेद पूराणेतिहास सुपूजित, वैदिक मार्ग प्रदर्शयुते ।

जय जय हे मधुसूदन कामिनि, श्री धनलक्ष्मी पालय माम् ॥८॥

dhimidhimi dhindhimi dhindhimi-dindhimi, dundhubhi nāda supūrṇamayē
ghumaghuma ghuṅghuma ghuṅghuma ghuṅghuma, śaṅkha nināda suvādyanutē ।
vēda pūrāṇētihāsa supūjita, vaidika mārga pradarśayutē
jaya jayahē madhusūdana kāmini, dhanalakṣmi rūpēṇā pālaya mām ॥ 8 ॥

I meditated on Gaja Lakshmi, and She has always blessed me with courage, valor and power.  You can choose the verse of your choice to meditate for just two minutes to experience transformation in your life. 

Pic : A shining star guiding towards Golden Palace in Sadhana App.

Sri Suktam Abhishekam of Ma Lakshmi in Sadhana App

An implausible milestone!

I had performed only Sri Suktam (4 min) Abhishekam of Ma Lakshmi in Sadhana App in which water, milk, yogurt, red garland, dhoop, handheld bell and handheld lamp were used while anointing Ma with 16 verses of Sri Suktam. According to Dr. T. S. Narayana Swamy, "Sri Suktam is a grand hymn extolling a great deity. It is verily a gift of god to the mortals." I did it just to give it a try. Surprisingly, I neither felt any spiritual experience nor devotional peace.  It was a ritual that I performed just by tapping the buttons one after the other. I did not feel any special divine feelings for Ma Lakshmi while doing it. But Ma is MA. She is the Universal Mother. She takes care of us like her own children. It did not matter whether we did pooja with devotion or without devotion. 

Later, same day, my employee called me to seek permission to do an important pending work in my prime property. I told him that it was not feasible as I had already tried hard for fifteen years. No success due to expected or unexpected hurdles. He explained his strategy to work on it. I was happy yet a bit tense.  Being knowledgeable about Vastushastra, I knew that the task when completed would be forthbringer of monetary gains. 

After three days, my employee called me to share the good news that the work was done without any hindrance. He had accomplished the task very smoothly. I was elated.  

I felt an immense surge of emotions to express gratitude to Ma. I hurriedly clicked the buttons of my gadget. I entered Golden Palace in Sadhana App and opted for Abhishekam with Lakshmi Sahasranama (35 min). The following virtual ingredients were used water (jal), Gangajal,  milk (doodh), honey (madhu), yogurt (dahi), mango juice (aamra ras), white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, pomegranate juice, sugar, turmeric, kumkum (sindoor), rice (akshata), vermillion, fragrant oil, small pot, gold, red cloth, red garland, sacred thread, betel nuts, paan, flowers, saffron, rice pudding (kheer), sweetmeats (ladoo), cloves, red sandalwood, kusha grass, green grass, dry fruits, incense, bananas, camphor, dhoop, handheld bell, ghee lamp and handheld lamp. It was a divine experience to hear Ma Lakshmi’s sahasranama (1000 names). I was overjoyed to hear my name as one of Ma's names. I offered all the ingredients with immense love and devotion to Her. With each offering, I thanked Her from the depths of my heart. The more I thanked Her the more I wanted to express my gratitude.

Ma is the epitome of compassion. She is eternally the bestower of happiness, wealth and prosperity.

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Pic : Lakshmi Sahasranama Abhishekam in Sadhana App

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Vastu Tips to Remove Financial Crisis

This post is the sequel of a day before yesterday post and yesterday post.

Almost a decade back, I visited a house for Vastushastra consultancy. I suggested them that they should change the position of the double bed and the almirah in which they keep valuables so that their financial problems can be solved. After a week when I visited them again, the owner of the house excitedly told me that when they shifted the furniture, in the dust bunny behind the bed they found a golden ring which they had lost a couple of years back. I still wonder about it!

The following points are not based on one success story but hundreds and thousands of my clients who have been benefited over the period of nearly two decades. These tips are so simple to follow however they give surprising results sooner or later.

1.      The altar or the prayer room should be in the North, East, North-East corner of the house.

2.      Make the North, East and North-East area of your house (marked as tick in the figure) junk free and as light as possible. Keep this part of your house as spacious as possible. Declutter it. (Maybe you also find some lost golden ring(s)!) Remove steel almirahs and heavy furniture from this area and place them in the South, West or South-West direction of your house (marked as cross in the figure). 

3.      Try to keep the doors and windows in the North, East and North-East direction of your house open for the maximum possible time so that the beneficial rays enter your house in abundance.

4.      Place big planters with creepers and heavy plants in the South, West, South- West area of the house so that the positive rays stay in your house. This will help you grow monetarily.

5.      Place a water filled pot for birds in the North, East or North-East corner on the roof or balcony. Daily change the water of the pot. It will bring prosperity for the residents of the house.

6.      Daily feed birds with just a half teaspoon of broken rice on the roof, terrace, balcony or windowsill in your house in the North, East or North-East direction of your house. It is an easy peasy point but blesses one with enormous wealth.

7.      The almirah in which you keep your valuables and money should be in the North or East area of the house. But the almirah should be placed along with the South or West wall of the room.

I charge a decent sum of money from my clients for sharing some of the above points. But I am writing it on my blog for free with a request to the readers to donate generously in the Sadhana App. If you do not have sufficient funds right now then please do not worry, donate whenever you have ample.

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Monday, January 30, 2023

Welcome, Ma Lakshmi!

Your overwhelming response to my post the other day as it was 1000th post on my blog, I am tempted to write this sequel. 

Enter the Golden Palace in Sadhana App to meditate on golden idol of Ma Lakshmi. As you close your eyes you will be able to visualize Her very easily as compared to any other image of Ma Lakshmi. Express your one desire to Her. Remember only ONE, not two and never three. Do not be greedy. You want a decent job, a hike in pay, good profit in business, gold coins, exquisite food, luxurious car, expensive clothes, magnificent mansions, wisdom of righteous thoughts, righteous words and righteous deeds, knowledge of immortality, or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. The choice will always be yours. She is the embodiment of grace. It is Her nature to be eternally merciful to her devotees and bless them in opulence. 

On Diwali 2021, Om Swamiji said, “Good acts are mandatory prerequisites to spiritual activities like chanting, meditation etc. In the absence of these prerequisites, one’s devotion becomes bereft of spiritual grace and strength. It is incomplete and leaves us spiritually weakened. Sri Narayan can be attained with purity and good deeds. Sri Bhagwan and Sri Mata reside in the hearts that are brimming with purity.”

Put a cut on your expenditure and light the lamp in someone else’s life with that saved money. Last Diwali, I did not decorate my house with decorative lights, attractive lamps, glass jar lanterns, colorful candles, creative rangolis, fresh flowers or any other costly decorative items rather I was helping the bubbling students who were interested in upgrading their knowledge with the course ‘Walk the Dragon’ by Om Swamiji so that they could ‘learn and earn’. In future, when they would be financially sound, they could pay this course forward to other needy ones. In this way, we all could take baby steps to make this world a better and a more beautiful place to live. This is my way of welcoming Ma Lakshmi.

One can also opt to eradicate one of the negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, anger, greed, lust etc. or one can develop a good virtue like compassion, love, kindness, forgiveness etc. Swami Tejomayananda said, “The most beautiful thing to do on Diwali is to forgive everyone around us. Once we forgive, the intellect becomes subtle, pure and mature. We will be filled with love and happiness.”

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Pic : Golden Palace in Sadhana App 

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Say Goodbye to Your Financial Crunch

“I am helpless, what should I do?”

A young guy who was going through financial crunch, bad health issues and onus of family responsibility asked me a couple of months back.

I suggested, “Do chanting of Mahalakshmi Tantric Mantra ‘Om Shreeng Mahalakshmayai Namah’ in Golden Palace in Sadhana App. When you become comfortable with the chanting also try Sadhana of Mahalakshmi in Sadhana App.”

The mantra contains the universal sound ‘Om’ which is the most powerful sound and can invoke pure vibrations. Swami Vishnudevananda in the book ‘Mediation and Mantras’ explained that ‘Shreeng’ is the Mantra of Maha Lakshmi. ‘Sha’ is Maha Lakshmi, ‘Ra’ means wealth, ‘Ee’ is satisfaction or contentment. Nada is the manifested Brahman, and ‘Bindu’ is the dispeller of sorrow.” Mahalakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and is a bountiful provider. According to V.R. Gowri Shankar, Administrator Sri Sringeri Math, “Sri Mahalakshmi is the bestower of benefits. She is the giver of prosperity, splendor and glory. She represents the emergence of divine qualities in the sadhaka, subduing rugged tendencies. Purity of mind is another form of wealth, also achieved through praying to Lakshmi.” Mahalakshmi not only grants materialistic wealth to devotees but also blesses them with liberation from these repeated cycles of birth and death. ‘Namah’ means that I bow down to the Goddess Lakshmi. According to T. S. Narayana Swamy, “Goddess Lakshmi is manifested in eight forms as a mother of eight different aspects of prosperity. Adi Lakshmi brings happiness to mankind. Dhanya Lakshmi is the goddess of nourishment. Dhana Lakshmi grants wealth. Santana Lakshmi blesses with the children of high intelligence and good character. Gaja Lakshmi is the protector of humanity and promoter of peace and prosperity. Vidya Lakshmi grants value-oriented education to those who worship her. Vijaya Lakshmi bestows one with the victory over anger, lust, greed, jealousy, hatred and evil thoughts. Dhairya Lakshmi blesses with infinite courage, confidence and strength to fight against evil.”

Worshipping MahaLakshmi in Sadhana App by chanting, performing yajna and doing sadhana, the young guy’s problems were solved miraculously. Moreover, he had sufficient funds to take good care of his responsibilities.

The chanting of this mantra must be followed by yajna of Ma Lakshmi. Brief Yajna (4 minutes) which include fire offerings on Tantric Mantra and Gayatri of Mahalakshmi. One can also do Medium Yajna (10 minutes) which contains the offerings on the various names of Ma Lakshmi, Tantric Mantra and Mahalakshmi Gayatri Mantra. One should try to do Elaborate Yajna (15 minutes) to spend more time with the deity in which offerings are made on hundred names of Ma Lakshmi.

The auspicious time to carry out this is mentioned in the right-hand side bar under the heading 'Auspicious Date'. You can make the maximum use of this super auspicious time by choosing chanting and yajna according to your capacity and availability of time. You can also do Lord Ram yajna during this span of time before or after it.

Some points that one should keep in mind while worshipping Ma Lakshmi are as follows: -

1.      Do not touch the screen with your index finger while doing Mahalakshmi pooja in Sadhana App. Index finger brings poverty, ill health and bad luck. Try to touch the screen with the ring finger. You can also use other fingers and thumb as well.

2.      Divide the house in nine equal parts and as shown in figure. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi while sitting in the North, North-East or East corner of the house. While worshipping Goddess one should face towards North, North-East or East.

Follow all these points sincerely and call Ma with immense devotion. You will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

‘Khul ja sim sim’ (Open sim sim) as the magnificent doors in the Sadhana App open then one can have the darshan of the amazingly beautiful Mother Divine. The mother is holding golden lotus flowers in Her two hands, in one hand She is holding a pot filled with nectar and with the other hand She is blessing her devotees with name, fame, knowledge, victory, good children, valor, gold, delicious food, happiness, bliss, wisdom, beauty, religious thoughts, good health and liberation. The deity in the App is made up of Gold, showering golden blessings on Her devotees in the form of gold coins and golden knowledge. One is blessed to have Ma’s divine darshan on the screen!

Does the owl wink at you like me? ;)

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Pic : ‘Khul ja sim sim’ in Sadhana App

Yajna of Lord Ram in Sadhana App

I started crying uncontrollably.

As soon as I heard ‘Om Shri Ramaye Swaha’ in Om Swamiji’s magical voice while performing Elaborate Yajna (16 minutes) of Lord Ram in Sadhana App, I began to cry loudly. The tears of devotion flowed down, wetting my soft cheeks. Swami Tejomayanada said, “The world will make you cry so it is better that you cry for God.” ‘Om Shri Ramaye Namahe’ is the first mantra of Lord Ram’s hundred names. It means that I bow down to Lord Ram who is the giver of happiness.

Yajna is a ritual of self-dedication by which one can unite with the Supreme Power by cultivating cosmic love. It facilitates kindness and compassion by connecting all human beings together just like all the different colors of beads in a mala. It helps in eradicating the feeling of separateness which one experience due to false ego. According to Swami Krishnananda, “It is a sacrifice of all those factors which tend to tether the soul to the bodily tabernacle into the fire of knowledge of the Absolute.”

Thousands of yajna I have performed solely as well as with my family members. Therefore, I was quite familiar with the opening mantras of the yajna. Although, a few mantras were new to me which I was hearing for the first time, I thoroughly enjoyed offering ingredients with the Sanskrit arduous mantras. The material used to do fire offerings were ghee, firewood, havan samagri, paddy, guggal, sugar, camphor, dry fruits, cloves, rice, red sandalwood, white sandalwood, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, fox nuts, satavari, cardamom, dry coconut and rice pudding. I was well known with all the items except satavari. I had never seen or heard about it. I asked Google Baba and I came to know that it is a deep-rooted medicinal plant grown in the Himalayas. Its roots are used in fire offerings.

While performing this yajna I became familiar with the Gayatri of Lord Ram – Om Dasarathaye Vidmahe Sitavallabhaya Dheemahi, Tanno Ramah Prachodayat. It connected me with my Lord Ram as if we are not two but one. Purnahuti was made with dry coconut which was followed by melodious Stuti ‘Shri Ramchandra Kripalu Bhaju Mana’ a soul uplifting bhajan written by Tulsidas.

In the book, ‘Am I a Hindu?’ Ed Viswanathan said, “Yajna is usually done for material human welfare. Of course, by performing yajnas, a devotee is indirectly brought closer to God, for he fully understands the power of God in his day-to-day affairs. Physical health, mental discipline, expansion and purification of the heart are only some of the benefits. Whatever desire a person has while doing the havan, that desire is fulfilled.” The auspicious time to do yajna of Lord Ram to fulfil one’s desire is mentioned on the right-side bar under the heading 'Auspicious Date'. 

Swami Sivananda said, “Life is a yajna, a holy sacrifice, and the world, which is the field of righteous action, is the altar at which the individual offers himself to God.”

So, make hay while the sun shines!

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Pic : An Elaborate Yajna of Lord Ram in Sadhana App

Friday, January 27, 2023

Do You Want to Practice Tantra?

Everything got blurred in front of my eyes!

On ‘Shravan ke somvar’ (Monday of Shravan month of lunar calendar) I was performing Rudram Abhishekam in Shiva Temple (Kailasha) in Sadhana App. The snow scattered on colossal mountains, the chilly winds stirring divine emotions, beautiful Shivlingam with a copper pot hanging with a thin wire above it, ambience inside the temple, elaborate process, pure ingredients, cleanliness, immense peace and a sense of calmness emanated eternal love. The strong winds blowing through the white mountains extracted all the old painful memories and gloomy experiences. Thus, created vacuum was refilled with divine nectar of bliss. My eyes became misty - Tears of devotion for Lord Shiva.

Earlier I was killing time. A sudden thought that today being ‘Shravan ka somvar’, I should perform abhishekam of Lord Shiva. I clicked on the abhishekam option in Lord Shiva Temple (Kailasha) in Sadhana App. First, I worshiped through Shivashtakama (4 minutes) with ingredients water, milk, yogurt, red garland, dhoop, handheld bell and handheld lamp. It was a normal process in which I just enjoyed clicking buttons like a kindergarten kid. Then I tried Vedsara Strotra (13 minutes) in which ingredients used in worship were water, Gangajal, milk, honey, yogurt, ash, fragrant water, fragrant oil, white cloth, blue garland, bilva fruit, incense, dhoop, ghee lamp, betel nuts, paan, small pot, gemstones, dry fruits, flowers, saffron, handheld bell and handheld lamp. It felt like a routine ritual without invoking any divine sentiments for the deity. Soon after I clicked on Rudram (23 minutes) in which Lord Shiva was offered ingredients like water, Gangajal, milk, honey, yogurt, sugar, ash, turmeric, fragrant water, fragrant oil, white sandalwood, red sandalwood, small pot, white cloth, white garland, sacred thread, betel nuts, paan, flowers, datura flower, saffron, bilva leaves, bilva fruit, rice pudding (kheer), sweetmeats (ladoos), cloves,  black sesame seeds, kusha grass, green grass, bananas, dry fruits, blue garland, incense, camphor, dhoop, ghee lamp, handheld bell and handheld lamp. The lengthy and elaborate process invoked feelings for the deity, and I felt a surge of divine emotions.

The best part of doing abhishekam in Sadhana App is that there is no dirt and slipperiness on the floor because of falling water drops and other liquids here and there. In a spick and span area, one can easily focus on Shivalingam and meditate. The clean and serene home environment free from the troubling noises, self-availability of time, no long-standing queues, saving of one's money and time by virtual procurement of various items. The best part is that all things are available and step by step guidance in a computerized sequence. All this makes a delightful experience. Only one need is a heart full of love for Him!

While practicing this Abhishekam, I worshipped a human being as Lord Shiva. It is a tantric practice. On becoming comfortable with this concept, I considered all human beings as divine. This is the mool mantra of all the left-handed tantric practices.

It is highly recommended for those who wish to walk the path of tantra. 13th Feb, 2023 before sunrise is the more auspicious time than ‘Shravan ke Somvar’. The fruits of the abhishekam will get tripled. It is a super auspicious time. Do not miss to do abhishekam in Sadhana App.

For Triple benefit give triple donation. ;)

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Pic : Shivlingam in Shiva Temple (Kailasha) in Sadhana App.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Tantric Mantra of Ma Brahmacharini in Sadhana App

I sensed an acute pain in my lower abdominal muscles.

In the early hours of the second Navratra, while doing chants of Tantric Mantra of Ma Brahmacharini in NavDurga Sadhana in Sadhana App, I felt an involuntary upward movement of my lower abdominal muscles. It was not the first time I was experiencing this. In deep meditation, I had the same feelings earlier also. But this time with more frequency and repetition, holding time was long. Because of continuous contractions of muscles during the chanting, towards the end of the Sadhana my body demanded rest to ease the pain.

Who is a siddha?

The lower abdominal muscles are the most difficult to control and a yogi who has full control over those muscles is a siddha. This can be done by two ways – voluntary control by doing hatha yoga practices and involuntary control by slipping into deep meditation. For voluntary control a beginner is advised to do naukaasana (boat pose) and shirshasana (head pose). When one becomes adept in doing these asanas then exercises along with the breath control are suggested while holding the pose. On mastering these exercises, advance practices are advised. When one has full control on those muscles then one has to take a final exam in the form of Lata Sadhana or Sahjoli Mudra. Anybody who wants to know more can opt for ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ or any other book on advanced yogic practices.

Those who find it difficult to do it this way, can take the other route in which one has to focus on developing divine virtues like love, kindness and compassion. The biggest obstacle in this practice is that one cannot get angry or feel jealous or have any other negative emotion. One single negative feeling and the whole sandcastle crumble down in seconds. Only patience, disciple and persistence with positive approach can reward success.

I am a simple person like all human beings with mixed emotions -positive and negative. Over the years I cultivated sentiments of goodness like truthfulness and kindness. Even after repeated failures, I keep on trying to shed my negative emotions of anger, hatred and jealousy. And with constant practice and consistency I sometimes slipped into deep meditation to experience this unique upward thrust which will one day make me a siddha. Then fragrance will be emanated not only from my body but also from my sweet words!

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Pic : Ma Brahmacharini in Sadhana App

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Want to Be Initiated by Om Swamiji?

Want to be initiated by Om Swamiji?

If you have an intense desire to be initiated by Swamiji then I will suggest downloading Sadhana App and start chanting and praying in the Sun Temple (Amravati). Such a difficult problem has an easy-peasy solution!

A couple of months back, a young guy asked me, “I wish to be successful in materialistic as well as in the spiritual world. What should I do?” I suggested that he chant Siddha Surya Mantra in Surya Temple (Amravati) in Sadhana App. I further suggested to him to do the Sadhana of the same mantra in Sadhana App. He did as per my advice.

Two miracles happened within a week or so in his life.

One, he got the job although he was still studying. His materialistic want was achieved.

Second, he had a keen desire for Swamiji to say something about him. To which I amusingly replied He had not said anything about me till date. Even then he kept his burning desire alive. The young guy chanted the mantra and prayed fervently. And one auspicious day, the young man received a reply to his mail from Om Swamiji. His spiritual desire was fulfilled.

For all those who wish to be successful in materialistic and spiritual path, I will suggest you start chanting Siddha Surya Mantra in Sadhana App without delay. The mantra is ‘Om hreeng ashva- tejasya adhovani svahaa’ which means that ‘ashva-tejasya’ which is one of the names of Lord Sun please bless us that we never utter ‘adhovani’, hurting words to others. This prayer helps in connecting our sacred bond with the lineage and comes with the special blessings from the lineage. Moreover, anybody (initiates and non-initiates) can experience the power of this mantra.

If you are further interested, then to begin Surya Sadhana in Sadhana App the auspicious time is 13th Feb, 2023 before sunrise. Put your heart and soul in this Sadhana and pray to the lineage to accept you as their baby. When we do any Sadhana we experience hindrances, in this case the hindrances can be low battery of your mobile, bugs in the App, not focusing properly, not able to maintain dietary restrictions etc.; just ignore all the obstacles and keep doing the Sadhana consistently without failing for a day. You can experience the power of this mantra in your comfy home irrespective of the fact whether you have physically met Swamiji before or not. I am pretty much sure if you do this Sadhana whole heartedly then you will be initiated by Swamiji. Do this Sadhana with full faith, not only to be blessed with initiation but also with many other unimaginable miracles in your life. Do not forget to give dakshina daily or on the last day of your Sadhana as per your means in Sadhana App.

If you do not have a proper internet connectivity in your area, then do not worry you can do Surya Sadhana as mentioned here is in Kartik mas 2023 before sunrise.

I always wait for the auspicious time to begin my Sadhanas and you can read my experiences here, here and here. I am doing this sadhana consistently every year and I am initiated to fifth level by Om Swamiji you can read more about it here.

If you have any query, then please do not hesitate to write to me at CHANDRIKASHUBHAMATGMAILDOTCOM.