Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bad situations : Good results

Holding a small sized fabric paint bottle and also balancing the frame with my left hand, I was making the outline of yellow flowers with orange dipped brush. Except that work, fabric painting was almost complete. I was totally absorbed. My pet Kartiki rushed towards me. Before I could stop her from coming near me, she pushed her nose on my hand, disturbing my balance. Orange color spilt from the opened bottle. She was poking me to say something important. I left the work. Being successful in grasping my attention, she hurriedly ran towards the door. It was locked. I unlocked it. She vigorously opened the door and was out of the house in the garden. I followed her and saw she was vomiting some foam mixed with some grass which she ate during the morning walk. It stroked to me that she had caught the cold. She is an intelligent baby who never spread dirt in the house.

When I returned back, I saw the orange strain on a few inches distance from the design. If I tried to remove it then it would only be spoiling it further. I was upset. So what should be done?

I cut the centre of cardboard in oval shape so that the whole floral motif is visible. Took a green coloured fabric and cut its centre also in oval shape little smaller than the earlier one. Pasted the fabric on cardboard, smoothed it by making small cuts and then folding the extra fabric on wrong side. To maintain symmetry, I did the same for both pieces.

The look was now more awesome with green background. What do you think?
Bad situations always leeds to better results. :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creepy or cute creature

"I can't do the cleaning in that room.", maid servant with a touch of fear in her voice told me.
"Why? What happened?", I asked curiously.
"There is an animal. Come and see it yourself."
She led me to the room. Sea green curtains and the bed cover weaved with light brown and sea green colored threads were making the color scheme of room quite monotonous. A big lizard with a blend of light and dark shades of green was lying on bed. Oh! It was gecko who was perfectly blending with the surrounding colors. On seeing the horrible animal lying so calmly, I couldn't stop smiling. It was just a poor imitation of a lizard.
"This one." I pointed.
"Yes, I am scared of such animals."
"It is not an animal but a toy made of rubber." I picked up that object and squeezed it a little to convince her.
"NO.No.Put it down." Now, horror could be clearly seen on her face. "I am afraid of such creatures."
"This is a toy and not a reptile who will bite you. See." I squeezed it more and then hold it from its tail and swung it.
"Ah...!" she screamed and stepped back a little."
"It's too scary, hide it otherwise I won't work." Failed to persuade her, I placed it on the window sill behind the sea green curtains. For normalization of work, gecko went into hibernation, I thought. And she - Out of sight out of mind.

Is this creature so creepy or so cute to be played with?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bird feeding on palm

With stretched arms and crushed biscuits on my palms, I was waiting stand still. It was novice to me although bird feeding was my routine. Indian tree pie is bigger than a house crow, is chestnut brown bird with long black tail. This friendly bird is in abundance in Sariska Tiger Sanctuary, Alwar. Guide told me these birds love to eat on palms so this posture. He failed to attract a single bird on maintaining the same for very long time or I could say till he might have felt fatigue in arms.

He dropped the idea, now it was my turn to try it. A tree pie with short glide spreading its wings and tail feathers came towards me. It balanced itself with slight grip of pointed hard claws on my soft left palm. Examined and then selected the desired size of biscuit piece. It was followed by more birds, two on my left hand and three on my right side. One who was more friendly, jumped on my black woollen cap. Naughty bird pulled it with its beak.

They were enjoying the biscuit powder as only powder was left on my palms and me their soothing and refreshing touch on body and soul.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy B'day

There was neither a message on my mobile, orkut, facebook, twitter nor any mail on gmail, yahoo accounts. To verify, I checked them again. But ‘No’ there was ‘None’. I felt utterly disappointed. Everybody was soooo busy with their own business that they forgot to wish me. Today, I was born, how many years ago, let it be a secret. :-)

My mobile jingling tone disturbed my thoughts, someone at last called me. I hurriedly picked it up, viewed that the name of caller was not displayed; only number was there. I dunno who it could be?

“Hello” teach
“Hello Chandrika. It’s me, ………”
“Wow! What a pleasant surprise.”
“Happy B’day, dear.”
“Oh! My Goodness! Ma’am you remembered my birth date. Thank you! Thank you!”

For a while, we chatted about here and there. It was from, Head of the Deptt., Dr. (Mrs.) ‘S’ under whom I worked for a few years. A brief description would be ex-boss though she was more like a caring mother than a bossy boss. She guided me how to organize functions elegantly. She taught how to work hard to a hard working person like me. She sharpened my management skills, searched out some hidden talents in me which I was unaware. She advised me to be comfortable in drastic situations and not to get tensed over the trifles.

Talking to such an amazing person like her was the best b’day gift for me.