Thursday, June 27, 2013

Passion or Poison?

In the parking for Budhajayanti garden, I saw a teen age girl sitting on a bike. It seems that she was waiting for her boyfriend. A smile appeared on her face and disappeared as quickly as it has appeared. Her boyfriend threw a piece of brick towards her. It didn't hit the target because of her rapid movement. He came closer and slapped her tight and hit her hard on leg. She was shocked. He grabbed her face as she tried to explain the situation. She tried again to stop him with her hands and with the result only his grip became tighter on her face and neck. She coughed. He released her. She sat down once again on bike to calm herself. She explained that she was waiting here for him from the past one and a half hour. He screamed and shouted for not waiting for him on the decided point. In the meantime the bike owner came and asked them to vacate it. They moved aside. He also complained her for not calling him. She tried to explain again that there was some signal problem here.  

What will be the future of this love story break up or reunite?

(Answer in comment section)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Parrot astrology

I have never gone for parrot astrology. So when I saw an astrologer sitting under a tree with a parrot I can't resist myself from asking.

Astrologer asked my name and uttered loudly to the parrot "Tell the future of  'Chandrika'." The parrot came out of the cage and picked up the card. The astrologer told about my nature, about my financial position and in the end he told me to go to Shani (Saturn) Temple to donate whole black gram.

He told everything correct about me. My mind is still pondering who is more intelligent - the parrot who picked up the card or the astrologer who interpreted the card drawn?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swami Anubhavananda Saraswati

Mr. ‘J’ shared Swami Anubhavananda Saraswati’s "Guru Shopping" link (his lecture in Melbourne) with me. I am thankful to Mr. ‘J’ for sharing such a wonderful video with me. Swami Anubhavananda Saraswati sayings are simple and to the point. They are motivating so that they can be easily implemented in life. And above all, hats off to his sense of humour! My heart which sometimes behave like a kid wants to watch all his videos in just one day.

Many years back when my cousin was 3 years old, I gifted him a painting book in which the colors appear as soon as one brushes the area with a wet brush. He loved this book as he was very curious to know which color will appear next. But his mother has asked him to complete only one page per day.
One day his mother went for shopping. I stayed back with him at home. He asked me for that book and the painting material. I provided him. He painted one page and asked me, “Can I do one more page?”
“Yes” I replied.
After some time, he repeated his question.
“Ya sure. I bought this book for you. Only you have to paint it.”
On returning his mother found that all his paint book was complete and not a single page was blank.

What do you suggest me that should I watch all the videos of Swami Anubhavananda Saraswati in one go as I like it very much or watch just one video per day in the control manner so that I can understand his sayings deeply and try my best to implement them in my life?

Monday, June 10, 2013

My all time favourite story

This story is from Upanishad and is retold by Swami Vivekananda.
Once there was a huge tree with many branches. On its lower branch was sitting a bird. When it looked up it saw another bird on tree’s highest branch. The bird sitting on the lower branch ate some sweet and sour fruits and then jumped to the higher branch. It looked up and saw that another bird sitting on the highest branch. It again ate some sweet and sour fruits and moved to higher branch. It kept moving till it reached on the lower branch to the highest branch. When it looked up there was still that another bird. As soon as it reached the highest branch it found there was no bird except itself.
In this story the bird sitting on lower branch is jeevatman (human being) and the bird sitting on highest branch is parmatman (God) and the sweet and sour fruits are the birth and death cycles.

Dear readers in your opinion ‘What is God?’

Friday, June 7, 2013


"I ask my sweeper to bring a broom. He bought it for Rs. 120/- and it broke in just one week time. Do you have broom of good company which lasts long?" Mrs. 'S' complained to shopkeeper.
"Madam, we do not have any broom costing Rs. 120/-. It cost only Rs. 60/-. Moreover in the nearby shops there is no broom of any company above Rs. 75/-." Shopkeeper told her.

What do you think sweeper is any intelligent businessman who buy the broom of Rs. 60/- and sell for Rs. 120/- with 100% profit or he is a fool?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rare video shot by me!

"Listen to me!" Mamma is saying to two cute babies. A rare video shot by me! :)

Have you ever seen chicks of tatihari bird?