Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Author me!

My books 'Simple Vastu' and 'Saral Vastu' were released by Mr. K. K. Saxena, President, Delhi Book Fair Publishers Association in Delhi World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan. Mr. Rajeev Jain, Publisher of my books and owner of Vayu Education of India was also present in this function. Simple Vastu is in English whereas Saral Vastu is in Hindi. They contain detailed information about highlights of ancient architecture techniques and complete information about all Vastu rules. They contain line drawings for better understanding. Attractive and helpful tips to increase business and Vastu rules for continuous flow of money are included. Low cost Vastushastra remedies for healthy and tension free life. Vastu rules for success in career are also included. And threw light on the importance of Vastu in modern life style.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Aloo Tikki

I love experimenting with different cooking ingredients. This time I prepared aloo tikki with moong dal filling. Soaked moong dal for some hours. Boiled it till tender. Strained water from it. In other pan, poured oil and heated it. Put grated ginger and chopped green chilies. Added spices and then dal in it. Heated it till dry. Filled it in aloo tikki before frying.

Try this recipe and serve it hot with chick pea veg, coriander chutney and curd. And enjoy!