Sunday, January 31, 2010


While strolling on the path, my uncle said, "Chandrika, did u notice? It is the grave of that holy cow." Flowers on that grave grabbed my attention for a while. "You remember when you last time visited the guashala (cattle house), you gave her jaggery to eat."
"Which one?" I couldn't recall as I had given jaggery to many.
"The blind cow of steel grey color." He reminded me.
"Oh! that one."
"A wish fulfilling cow. It has brought pleasure and happiness in the lives of many."
I thought, "When I last time visited this place, I have a very strong desire to go to a foreign land. I have never been to any other country. In less than a week I was in US. Prior to that visit, my programme has been cancelled hundreds of times."

Was my visit to a foreign land a coincidence or a religious faith? Can a cow be in possesion of supernatural powers to look inside a person and fulfill what one is yearning for? Please express your frank opinions about it.

Note : In the photo in Hindi it is written,
"Kamdhenu Grave Yard"
Blind from the birth, this cow lived in this cattle house for six years.
Has fulfilled the desires of many, who visited her.
This cow was a real avtar.
The blessings of this cow would fulfill your life with happiness, its a proven fact.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do not pluck flowers

In a garden, a signboard read as 'Do not pluck flowers'. It was fixed in the mid of a Lantana camara (Spanish Flag) bush. It grabbed my attention as in this region, Lantana camara is a weed and comes up vigorously, requires very less water. If consumed, it causes indigestion to sheep, cattle and horses. It is a very big threat to the population of native plants.

Lantana camara bears multi-colored tiny flowers with no fragrance. But this very bush have dull yellow colored inner and outer rings. The stems are square in shape covered with bristly hair or scattered small prickles. The leaf blades are oval, rough and hairy. Even touching this plant may cause skin irritation or allergy. Its berries are poisonous if ingested. In short each and every part of it is poisonous.

Will anybody like to steal such flowers whose after effects will be rushing to hospital? :-D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best wishes

Yester morning, door bell rang. I opened the door. Mail boy delivered me a white envelop. I opened it and found a greeting card. The card was so simple, beautiful and full of nice words that I couldn't resist myself from writing a blog on it.

It was from an eighty-two years old retired person. He always sends birthday wishes, anniversary greetings and blessings to all in the locality. It is a good way to keep himself busy by pouring positive vibrations in other's life and filling their's life with positivity.

What can be other possible ways by which a senior citizen can keep himself busy and happy?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spelling mistakes

My english teacher put a round mark around the word 'ther', I straightened my neck to see what she had written on my classwork notebook. In red ink, she just put a 'i' in between letter 'e' and 'r'. At that time I was in third standard. My teacher patiently corrected a few more silly mistakes. While circling the word 'cheld', her degree of tolerance decreased drastically and shouted, "You make so many spelling mistakes. Your English is very poor." Instead of saying I will improve them, I said, "Actually ma'am, my Hindi (my mother tongue) is also weak." Would she slap me? Amused with witty reply she wrote 'Good'. :)

What do you think does the spell checkers in computer have made writting an easy-to-do task as compared to writting with pen and paper?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mutual benefit

"Wanna glasses?" a young guy asked an aged villager, sitting in a group near a bonfire. The older one nodded. The guy squatted to show the glasses he was carrying on his hand. Villager picked up one, put it on the face and looked up and down, towards the farthest point and the close objects. Removed it and tried a new one offered by the moving shop. The black carry bag on the guy's shoulder contained the shopping items. The villager repeated the viewing of all things. Must have liked it so asked for its price. A good bargaining proved fruitful, of course for both.

A person buying a spectacles without consulting an optician! Is the villager looking COOL in his new purchase?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A little bit lazy person I was, so took this photo while sitting on my seat. There was not much space to move. It was raining cats and dogs and the crowd was huge to attend the function. Muddy puddles were formed here and there. Rain water was seeping from the tent ceiling when extra polythene sheets could no longer hold it. Heavy showers led to the formation of small pools on the ceiling which were constantly dripping. To find a dry seat was tough and to detain it was much tougher. :)

It was the fifth annual function of Gaushala (cattle house) in a tiny village Mangali. It is run and organised by self help group. Homeless, hungry and injured cows are brought here. It provides food, shelter and medical treatment to them.

The villagers were concerned about the welfare of the innocent animals. They were eager to do everything. Local businessmen, farmers, housewives and senior citizens were enthusiastically taking part and giving donations delightfully. Children were giving money out of their piggy banks. A child in shabby clothes shivering from cold, came forward and gave one rupee as charity.

Who sacrificed more, a rich chap who gave 500 bucks from his pocket money or a poor one who gave all his treasure; one coin.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Resolution

"My New Year Resolution is to have nuptial ties." Ms. 'S' replied to me. "Next year, her New Year Resolution will be to have a baby." I thought. :-)

Here the point to ponder is when there is so much sorrow, pain, poverty, then how could one be so selfish? Mentally and physically challenged needs our love and affection and care. Ill persons and senior citizens who can't look after themselves, it becomes our obliged duty to take care of them. Even after green revolution, there are a few regions where poor can't afford one time meal. Is it the time to think about just own selfish self or about the ones who are less fortunate?

My New Year Resolution is that I will help everyone through my knowledge of Vastushastra. Vastushastra is an ancient science of Indian architect. With the help of this science, financial problems, health problems and other common problems can be sorted out by making small changes in the house or work place. If anybody needs my help can write to me. I am here to help you all.

What is your New Year Resolution? Please do share.

Happy 2010. :)